Thank you and go well Year 12

Back in March this year our Year 12 cohort had a crack at the Raw Challenge – a 4km obstacle course including 60 different challenges to overcome at Doyalson on the Central Coast. Climbing, tunnels, ropes, swings, slides, and let’s not forget mud put our students to the test, and when they emerged at the other end looking somewhat unrecognizable there were smiles all round. The general sentiment at that point was that if they can get through that as a team, teamwork being key to overcoming the Raw Challenge, then they could overcome any obstacle. Little did they know what 2021 might hold for them.

In recent months, as Term 3 kicked off, Year 12 found themselves at the mercy of a global pandemic. On reflection the Raw Challenge obstacles would be preferable to changing HSC timetables, goal posts that changed weekly, and finding themselves at the mercy of stakeholders including NESA and state politicians making decisions to try and plot a pathway for keeping Year 12 on track.

Our Year 12’s, to their credit, have faced down each and every obstacle in much the same way as they overcame the Raw Challenge – with a positive attitude, with a sense of humour, and as a team. Year 12 teachers have continually remarked at the amazing ability of our students to keep their spirits high and to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Of course, there have been proverbial bumps and bruises, and I have no doubt that the eight weeks of largely self-directed study between now and the Higher School Certificate must feel like trudging through chest-deep mud.

At this point, I want to encourage Year 12 to stay the course.

Hebrews 12 encourages us to run with perseverance the race marked out for us and at this point Year 12 knows the race is marked out for them – and they find themselves on the home stretch. As a College community, we look forward to the time scheduled for celebration – for Valedictory and the Formal, and I have no doubt Year 12 looks forward to this as much as anyone.

In the meantime, we are all very proud of the way you have approached this year and are all firmly in your corner as you face down the final obstacles.



Mr Mitchell Cummings