Sports Corner

Term 3 Secondary Sport got underway in Week 1 with students attending Revolution Indoor Sports at Maryville, Lake Walking at Warners Bay, Lacrosse, Yoga, Basketball, and College Sport. Students were highly engaged in the sports they have selected and were looking forward to Week 2. We are lucky to have Alecia from Lacrosse Australia coming in to teach our Year 7 cohort the skills of Lacrosse.

Primary students in K-2 will begin a six-week program with AFL NSW in Week 2. The program introduces students to the game of AFL and focuses on skill and gross-motor development, communication, and teamwork. We look forward to sharing some news over the coming weeks. Students within Years 3-6 will be participating in striking, catching, throwing, and spatial awareness skills through sports such as T-ball, Soccer, Dodgeball, European Handball, and Futsal. Students selected in the HRIS teams for Soccer and Netball will use this time to complete training.

Whilst we have had a disruptive start to Term 3 Sport with the Secondary HRIS Athletics Carnival being postponed, we are planning for the remaining HRIS events as if they are going ahead as normal. HRIS Under 15 Basketball Gala Day, HRIS Primary Soccer and Netball Gala Days, HRIS Athletics Carnivals, HISSA Basketball, Girls Cricket, and Junior Basketball, HRIS Under 15 Basketball Trials are just some of the events coming up. I look forward to sharing news with you throughout the term.

As mentioned previously, we love to celebrate the achievements of our students within the school environment or through external competitions and programs. If your child has some news on their sporting success, please email me at


Rob Eddy

College Sport Coordinator