Sports Corner

College Sport has been celebrated this past fortnight, with successful results in team and individual events.

On Thursday, 4th March, our Primary Team battled it out amongst other schools at the Division 1 HRIS  Primary Swimming Carnival. Once again, our students represented the College with behaviour and character traits we are all proud of. Determination, perseverance, confidence and teamwork were evident throughout the day, resulting in a 6th place finish! Notable mentions go to Eva T, who broke the 8 years girls 100m freestyle record by 3 whole seconds….WOW! Eva T. and Isabelle W. were awarded joint 8 Years Girls Champions, with Lachlan T. taking out the 8 Years Boys Champion. Emma W had a terrific meet and was recognised as the 12 Years Girls Champion. Kosta T. will join Eva, Isabelle and Lachlan at the CIS Swimming Carnival later this term. We wish you all the success!

On Thursday 11th March, our Secondary students competed against other schools in the Division 1 HRIS Secondary Swimming Carnival. Our team of over 30 students worked together and matched it with the best to finish in 8th place. Special mentions go to Hallie B, Jazmine O, Megan W and who all made it into the HRIS team through placing in individual events, moving on to attend the AICES Swimming Carnival later this term. Good luck!! “A big congrats to James H and Danika W (both 15), who swam up in the 18 year old events all day” added a happy Mrs Currey.

The College has had students trialling for a number of Primary and Secondary HRIS and CIS Teams. A big congratulations to some of our successful athletes:

  • Alice C. and Talia R. who were selected in the HRIS Secondary Girls Hockey Team to trial for the AICES Team.
  • Eve O. who was selected in the HRIS Primary Netball Team
  • Ella S. who was selected in the HRIS Under 15 Girls Netball Team
  • Liam B. who was selected in the Primary CIS Boys AFL Team

Primary students have been enjoying learning the game of Cricket under the expert coaching of NSW Cricket staff. They have enjoyed a number of fielding, catching, throwing, batting and bowling games and activities. It has been great to see them enjoying the experience and developing their skills.

Secondary students continue to enjoy participating in a variety of sports. Year 7 have been learning the skills of volleyball under the watchful eye of Pierre. Their skills have been improving as they work towards putting it all together to play competitive games this week.

With numerous HRIS, AICES and CIS trials, along with the College Cross Country coming up in the next fortnight, keep an eye out in the next Bulletin for an update on our amazing students.



Junior Rugby Clinics

Rob Eddy 

College Sport Coordinator and Year 5 Teacher