Sports Corner

What an eventful fortnight we have had in College Sport, beginning with three terrific Swimming Carnivals.

Secondary kicked off our carnivals, with high levels of participation, fierce racing and records being broken. Well done to Hallie Boucher and Megan Williams who broke numerous records throughout the day. The day was filled with many highlights, one being the beginning of what we hope to make a tradition, the final swim for our Year 12 students. It was great to see the Secondary students line the pool to clap their peers along as they made their way through the pool. It was a wonderful way to finish the day.

The Primary carnival followed and was met with high levels of participation and enthusiastic students battling it out in their various heats. This year’s carnival was the closest result in years, with Thomas house narrowly beating Fletcher by 5 points to claim the House Champions title. A number of close races and peers pushing each other to do their best led to more records being broken. Congratulations to Isabelle Welch and Evangelia Tsiaousis who broke numerous records throughout the day.

Congratulations to all students on their efforts and those that were successful in gaining a place in the College Swimming Team to attend the Primary and Secondary HRIS Swimming Carnivals. For more information on the results of both carnivals, go to the following link and select Primary or Secondary, Swimming.

Friday saw the week of swimming wrap-up with an enjoyable and memorable K-1 Swimming ‘Fun’ Carnival. The sheer joy on the faces of students as they swam in the “big pool” and participated in numerous water games, was heart-warming to all those that witnessed it. A big thank you to Mr Youman, who may have needed a deep tissue massage after assisting students on the slip-and-slide all afternoon. The highlight, however, was seeing the College community come together. Watching our Secondary students assist our little ones to complete their swim in the pool reminded us of the amazing students we have at our school. Well done to those Secondary students who volunteered on the day. You should be proud of yourself and the way you made the students comfortable and at ease in the water, with smiling faces and laughter heard throughout.

For more pictures of our three Swimming Carnivals can be found on College Facebook page.

Following the swimming carnivals, we had teams competing in the HRIS Open Tennis Gala Day and the Girls CIS Cup Soccer (Secondary). Well done to our Open Boys Tennis Team who competed well throughout the day against some stiff competition. A big round of applause needs to be saved for our Open Girls Tennis Team who finished runners up on the day. Well done girls!!

On Monday, the College competed in the Girls CIS Cup Soccer competition against Carinya Christian School. It was a close battle with our students coming back from a 2-0 deficit, courtesy of “awesome” goals by Mia Wilson and Jorja Carleton. However, it wasn’t to be, with Carinya Christian School finishing the stronger in a 3-2 victory. Mrs Welch was extremely proud of the team and their efforts on the day.

We have a number of students trialling for HRIS and CIS teams in the next fortnight. Good luck to those trialling for the HRIS Primary Boys Football (Soccer) Team, the HRIS Primary Girls Netball Team, the HRIS Secondary Girls Hockey Team, the HRIS Secondary Girls Netball Team, the HRIS Secondary Girls and Boys Football (Soccer) teams, HRIS Secondary Touch Football, and CIS Primary AFL. The College and your peers wish you all the success.

Rob Eddy
Sports Coordinator