Sports Corner

Last week saw the first of our specialist Secondary Sports activities take place, with students participating in surfing, ocean swimming, ice-skating, fitness, volleyball and College Sport. Students were extremely excited to challenge themselves and engage with the sport of their choice. The smiles on the faces of our keen surfers demonstrates the enjoyment felt by all.

The past fortnight has also seen the first of many HRIS trials take place for our students. Nicholas and Hayden trialled for the HRIS Opens Basketball Team, whilst Jacob competed in the HRIS Primary Tennis Tournament. Whilst the boys were unsuccessful on this occasion, they all had a great time and learnt a lot from the experience. “It was fun and a good experience. I will definitely go again next year”, said Hayden. Whilst Nick added, “I learnt a lot and am looking forward to next years trial”. We have many more opportunities coming up for our Primary and Secondary students, in sports such as Opens Tennis, Opens Hockey, Primary Soccer and more.

This week our Secondary, Primary and Infants Swimming Carnival’s took place. A key event on the Sporting calendar, students enjoyed racing their peers at Wallsend Swimming Centre and vying for individual and team honours. We look forward to sharing all the exciting news to come from the carnivals in our next bulletin article.

Rob Eddy
Sports Coordinator

Thomas House Report

Thomas house spirit was on fire at the swimming carnival on Wednesday. The bash of drums and the clash of shields could be heard resonating throughout the pool. After a slow start, the enthusiasm was contagious, with more and more students jumping in and having a go.

Megan W was the queen of the pool, breaking three school records and inspiring a roar of drums. Fey S also inspired the Thomas spirit as she pushed bravely down the pool in three events, gracefully going at her own pace, never giving up.

A special shout out the Madeleine Bailey, the Thomas House Captain, and the rest of the Thomas Year 12 students. They lead drumbeats, urged students to swim and filled the pool with their own efforts. An inspiring example of leadership.

Also noteworthy were the efforts of Angus W, Evie B, Eve C, Caden N, Sophie C, Jordan D, Mikayla W, James H, Rory G, Ella S and Sam M.

Although we ended up in second place, our spirit and enthusiasm blew the rest out of the water.

Victoria Pearse
Head of Thomas House