Sports Corner

How good are the Olympics!

There has been a buzz around the College the past fortnight…and a few sleepy heads, as students and teachers alike have been glued to TV screens watching their heroes battle it out in Tokyo. It has been wonderful for a sports lover like myself to be talking about the Olympics with students all day. To hear what sports they have found fascinating and what stories have inspired them is what make it so special. I am amazed at the success of our swimmers and humbled by the incredible heart athletes have shown throughout, notably Pat Tiernan in the 10K run. We talk to our students about persistence, resilience, and commitment, seeing efforts such as Tiernan’s provides us with real-world examples to discuss and inspire. It’s amazing!

Unfortunately, this fortnight in Sport was met with the disappointing news that the HRIS Athletics Carnivals, both Primary and Secondary, have been postponed until Term 4. However, we must look at the positives and note that HRIS is doing everything it can to ensure the carnivals go ahead, albeit at a later date. More information will be sent out when received from the HRIS administration.

HRIS Gala Day’s will still go ahead in Term 3 which is great news for our students. They will be called ‘Invitationals’ as schools from the Central Coast region will not be able to attend. In Secondary, we have the upcoming Under 15 Boys and Girls Basketball, under the expert coaching of Mr Cummings and Miss Crawford. We have our Stage 4 Girls T20 Blast School Cup later in the term, which is always an exciting and enjoyable day for our students. We will be entering a boys team in the Years 7-9 Hunter T20 School Competition starting later in the term also. HISSA Basketball will begin in Week 7, with students already training hard in weekly sport. Some things to look forward to for our Secondary students.

In Primary, Students in Stage Three have been training hard ahead of the upcoming Soccer and Netball Gala Days. The teams are ready to go and are looking good under the watchful eye of their coaches Mrs McNab and Mr Vazquez. Our Stage 2 Football/Soccer team will be selected this week, to attend an HRIS invitational gala day. Later in the term, we have the Football/Soccer Gala Day for our girls, with teams to be selected in the coming weeks.

Both Primary and Secondary students continue to enjoy the weekly sport. Year 7 students are developing their skills with the lacrosse stick as they begin to learn how to pick up the ball on the run, catch, defend, throw and shoot at goals. Our future AFL stars are emerging from our Kindergarten students, eagerly learning the skills of AFL and emulating the likes of Buddy Franklin.

We look forward to sharing the results of the upcoming gala days in the next Bulletin and….Go Australia!

Rob Eddy

College Sport Coordinator & Year 5 Teacher