Secondary Sport

The vacuum created by the absence of sport has given us all opportunities to pursue other interests. The echoing of power tools throughout the community and the long lines at Bunnings, not for a sausage sandwich, but to gain entry, are indications of the time spent working on home-based projects in the lovely weather we’ve had over the Easter break. My children have been counting their steps with pedometers each day and trying to stay as active as they can. It is impossible to completely fill the gap that is left when friends and school mates miss out on the opportunity to play sport together. Staying connected with friends is vital for our wellbeing. It is really important that we all make the most of our opportunities to stay physically active and connected until things start to get back to normal. Some of the more creative amongst us are finding ways to merge these two needs. I’ve seen many walkers connected to phones and earphones talking and shouting and laughing, speeding up and slowing down to the pace and vigour of their conversations with friends! The social support that friends provide is critical at this time and I do hope that our young people have been encouraging each other to be active. Our 7-10 PDHPE programs this term will include content that encourages students to plan for and undertake physical activity and to engage with peers in this process.

There are numerous resources available that support young people. The NSW Office of Sport has compiled a range of resources that can assist everyone, including young people specifically, to remain active. This can be found here.

At the moment, community-based sporting organisations are making plans for June/July returns to sport and the current information we have about children’s fairly minor roles in the spread of COVID-19 is encouraging. School-based representative sporting pathways are still postponed up until the 8th June. I imagine that the coming weeks will provide us with more insight into the directions that sport will take this term and for the second half of the year. Until then, stay safe, stay connected and be active!

Primary Sport

Whilst learning from home has brought about many challenges for students, teachers and of course parents, it has been amazing to see so many Primary students being creative in the ways that they are active at home. From jumping on the trampoline to creating obstacle courses, catching challenges, backyard soccer to having a dance party.

It is important to recognise that most students are spending much more time on their devices whilst learning from home. This makes it even more important to have regular breaks from screen time throughout the day. Encourage your children to be out in the backyard, create movement challenges and most importantly ‘play!’

To help encourage this sense of play, there are a range of resources on the Primary Sport CALEB page for Years K-2 and Years 3-6. Please look through these resources with your children to help find ways to be active, move and play at home.

Similar to Secondary Sport – all school-based representative sporting pathways are still postponed up until the 8th June. We will keep you updated on the return of these pathways.

Mr J Cruickshank
Head of PDHPE & Sport (Secondary)

Mr A Ezekiel
Head of Primary Sport