Primary Sport

It has been amazing to see the students bring their enthusiasm and House spirit to the ‘Modified Athletics Carnival’ that took place on Thursday and will continue again this Thursday during Sport time. Despite not completing a full Athletics Carnival, students have been given the opportunity to throw shot-puts, discuses, turbo javelins, compete in some running races and high jump on site at the College. Our students are very fortunate that we have the space and resources at the College to run a modified athletics carnival.

After completing the carnival on Thursday, students will find out the winning House on Friday.

In Term 3, with so much sport and physical activity co-curricular cancelled due to COVID-19, we will be running a ‘Friday Fitness’ club at school on Friday mornings at 7:30am for students in Years 3-6. The aim of this club is to keep our students active with a focus on running and body weight exercises. Parents will be receiving an additional email about this club before the end of term, but if your child is interested please show your expression of interest by emailing Mr Ezekiel –

Adam Ezekiel
Head of Primary Sport

Secondary Sport

The winter solstice passed by on Sunday 21st June and I for one couldn’t be happier about it. With longer days and warmer weather, COVID restrictions easing and sporting opportunities opening up, Term 3 is sure to be an improvement sport-wise.

That’s not to say it will be without its challenges. Our school-based representative pathways have all but been wiped out by COVID cancellations and the normally rich experiences students receive through College and higher representation are quite diminished. HRIS confirmed on Wednesday that the following Term 3 events are permanently cancelled:

  • U15s Basketball Gala Day
  • HRIS, AICES & CIS Athletics Carnivals (NSW All Schools may still go ahead)

On the up-side, numerous Term 4 events are still likely to be on, and the College will begin to prepare students and teams during Term 3 to compete in these. They include:

  • U15s Tennis Gala Day
  • Open Girls Softball
  • HRIS U15s and Opens Touch Football Gala Day

Sport this term will encompass a range of sporting opportunities and, with a move to Level C restrictions for sport, a world of opportunities open up to run sport more meaningfully. Students will have an opportunity to make sport selections in Week 1 next term and normal sport should resume in Week 2. An information note with more details will go out shortly; however, in brief, students will be able to choose from the following options:

  • College Sport – with a focus on Touch Football, Soccer and Netball
  • HISSA Basketball – 7/8 and 9/10 boys and girls will compete against other HRIS schools in scheduled weekly Basketball games starting in mid-Term 3 and finishing in mid-Term 4.
  • Lake Walk – students will ride a bus to the Lake and do various walks around Speers Point and Warners Bay
  • Cricket – Mr Ezekiel, a highly accomplished cricketer, will prepare our 7-9 students for the Wiburd Cup and T20 cricket competitions starting in Term 3)
  • Rugby – Griffins Rugby Club are partnering with Bishop Tyrrell to develop our Rugby players and pathways.

The PDHPE and Sport Department are very much looking forward to expanding our opportunities for sport and physical activity in Term 3. We hope you have a safe and restful holiday break and keep active!

Joel Cruickshank
Head of PDHPE and Sport