Primary Sport

I am excited to announce that in the last two weeks of Term 2, Primary students will be participating in a ‘Modified Athletics Carnival.’  This Modified Athletics Carnival will be held during regular sport time and will provide the students with an opportunity to demonstrate some House spirit and compete in modified athletics events.  All events will be held on the College grounds and will consist of:

  • Shot-put
  • Discus
  • High Jump
  • Turbo Javelin
  • Various running races

In the Modified Athletics Carnival measurements and times will not be taken, rather, students will compete against one another in their year group for House points.  House points will be awarded for participation and coming in the top five for each event. The House points will be tallied up and the winning House will be announced on the last day of Term 2.

I hope that the Modified Athletics Carnival will provide an opportunity for all students to demonstrate their House spirit and participate in a variety of events that would be at a regular Athletics Carnival.

Adam Ezekiel
Head of PDHPE and Primary Sport

Secondary Sport

Students have enjoyed a move into Level B of the COVID-19 sport restrictions, which has at least allowed them to share equipment amongst small groups.  While the void that exists with the absence of community sport continues, there is hope on the horizon, as many community U18 sport competitions are set to resume on July 1st with the lifting of some restrictions.  Just what this will look like for each sport will still be based on COVID-safe guidelines and so the changes we will see will be more apparent than just a shortened winter season. We can expect that social distancing guidelines will have quite an impact on spectating and the timing of matches at each venue.

While there has been very little happening in regards to organised sport at the College, we have continued to run Wednesday sport afternoons for 7-10 students with many modified activities or those that lend themselves well to social distancing practices. Students have been able to select which two sports they would like to participate in each week, with a changeover between Period 5 and 6. The game “camouflage”, played in small groups and modified so there is no tipping or contact, continues to be a big hit.  We have our fingers crossed that we can offer more for weekly sport and perhaps some organised sport options next term. For now, we can appreciate the activities we do have and celebrate our good health.

Mr J Cruickshank
Head of PDHPE and Secondary Sport