It has been great to see all the students back at school this week. Their energy and enthusiasm has been missed on the grounds at Bishop Tyrrell.

Whilst students have now returned to school, it is important to recognise that there are still many activities, in particular physical activities, that have not yet recommenced. With community sport still suspended, many students are missing out on valuable time being active.  Please encourage your children and your whole family to continue to be active at home.  You can use the various physical activity suggestions on the Primary Sport CALEB page.

School Sport Update:

  • School Athletics Carnival has been cancelled (modified events may take place during school sport time)
  • All HRIS Gala Days and Carnivals have been cancelled for Term 2 and 3.

We will continue to provide opportunities for students to be physically active at school whilst, adhering to the current school risk assessment.

Adam Ezekiel
Head of Primary Sport


“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” ~ Michael Jordan


On Monday, our students walked back through the school gates en masse for the first time in a couple of months and it was great to see. The unwinding of some very tight restrictions is now prompting many of our community sporting organisations to consider what the near future could possibly hold for their game. Notably, our iconic game of NRL recommenced on the 28th May with a few key changes, as the game has been “COVIDified” to make it safer. Our school environment is no different and there have been numerous changes we have made to the way we currently operate.

The NSW Department of Education has adopted the Australian Institute of Sport Level B Recommendations for the safe return to sport starting from Monday 25th May, as have we, and this represents the first real loosening of sport restrictions we have seen in a while. Essentially, this means there can be minor sharing of sports equipment and I know that many of our students are craving the interaction. Handball, with some key changes to the rules to fit Level B restrictions, will hit the playgrounds once again. The general Level B recommendations involve the following:

  • Maximum of 10 people per activity, adequately spaced.
  • Some sharing of sporting equipment permitted such as kicking a football, hitting a tennis ball, use of a skipping rope, weights and mats.
  • Non-contact skills training. Accidental contact may occur but no deliberate body contact drills. No wrestling, holding, tackling or binding.

In school sport news, the HRIS Heads confirmed decisions last week about school representative sport for the remainder of the year. Essentially, all college and HRIS representative sport is cancelled for Terms 2 and 3. Specifically, the following Secondary representative sport has been cancelled:

Term 2
• HRIS Open Football Gala (Week 8)
• HRIS Open Basketball Gala (Week 9)

Term 3
• HRIS Athletics (Week 2)
• HRIS 15 years Basketball Gala (Week 4)

For our top-level athletes, there may still be pathways for higher level representation and we will provide advice about this as plans unfold for CIS and NSW All Schools. For now, it will be nice to enjoy the changes that allow us a small degree of freedom and we can keep hopes alive that further unwinding of sport restrictions will occur. As always, we continue to be mindful of the role our sporting community plays in keeping our whole community safe.

Yours in Sport

Mr J Cruickshank
Head of Secondary Sport and PDHPE