NetSetGO Program
This week saw the conclusion of the NetSetGO program at Bishop Tyrrell. This year there were 12 students from Kindergarten and Year 1 that participated in the program. Over the last nine weeks, the children have been focused on passing and catching skills and developing their hand-eye coordination. They also focused on footwork, where children learnt the basics in pivoting, decelerating and the concept of not running with the ball. All children have shown massive improvement in their skills and have participated in all activities with enthusiasm. A big thank you to Mrs Kahler, Mrs Hunt and Miss Gibson for running this program after school each Monday and giving the children the basic skills to be able to participate in netball. Hopefully, we will see many of these children representing the College on the netball court before long.

Bishop Tyrrell Netball Club

Bishop Tyrrell Netball Club invites you to attend their Annual General Meeting on 19 October 2020 via Zoom from 7 pm.


  • Welcome and apologies
  • President’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Registrar Report
  • Election of Committee

All current committee positions will be declared vacant. Nominations can be made beforehand by email to the

All members are invited and encouraged to attend. A voting member is any registered Club player 16 years or older and all parents of registered players. At least one representative from each team must be present. Anyone interested in attending the AGM must email the club so that the ZOOM MEETING code can be emailed to you prior to the meeting commencing.

Touch Football and Basketball Summer Competitions
At the beginning of next term, both Touch Football and Basketball Summer competitions get underway locally in the community. Each year the College assists students to form teams and enter these competitions. Participation can provide a great sense of enjoyment and opportunities to socialise, as well as healthy physical activity and an opportunity to build skills and fitness. We would like to confirm the registration of teams by the end of the term. If you think your child might be interested in joining one of these teams, please take the time to read through the details and register your child’s interest by following the links below: