Secondary – Studies

Online or Home Learning

I would like to thank the staff of the College for their tireless and transformational behind the scenes work to ensure that the transition to online or home learning has been smooth. This has allowed the students of Bishop Tyrrell to continue to access a high quality of education. Learning from home online is a team effort and requires teachers, parents and students to work together to ensure best learning is taking place. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey last term and appreciate the sincere and insightful feedback that was given. This has enabled us to modify the learning programs for Primary students to assist parents and teachers with the support available to their charges. Secondary students will continue to learn via their scheduled timetables using online platforms. Please note, the staff are still available to assist should you have any questions or need any support. Do not hesitate to contact them via email or phone.

A big shout out to Mr Gardiner and the team for running the inaugural Online Trivia Challenges and congratulations to the winning teams: Years 5 and 6 – Furious 4; Years 7 and 8 – G team; Year 9 to 11 – Fletcher Saints. Please check out a video of some of the action on this day.

With the latest announcements from the State and Federal Governments regarding the return to school for students, the College has developed the following plan for implementing from week 3. We have tried to ensure that family groups are attending on the same day to help parents arrange supervision at home on the days students are not attending.

All Year 12 students will be at school full time.

Year K to Year 11 students will return in House groups which will rotate each day of the week as follows which means there will be at least one full day face to face contact with teachers for all students in weeks 3 and 4; at least two full day face to face contact with teachers for all students in weeks 5 and 6; and all students back in class from week 7.