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Growing up Digital 

The Gonski Institute’s ‘Growing up Digital’ has now been published and it is an incredible insight into how kids are impacted by digital technology.

Here is Julie Inman-Grant, the eSafety Commissioner’s preface to the report to set the scene.

‘This report, Growing Up Digital: Phase 2, shows just how much access children have to digital technologies: with 4 out of 5 children having at least one device for their own personal use, and an average of 3 devices. This research explores the perceptions of parents, carers and grandparents about the effects of digital media and technologies on children and youth over time. The findings mirror some of eSafety’s own research findings 2020 in our report ‘Parenting in the digital age’.

This report shows that the positive side of access to digital technologies is tempered by negative aspects, which can have an impact on children’s mental health and wellbeing. This was highlighted in one of the themes of the research – ‘the dual power of technology’.

While parents felt that digital technologies are enhancing their children’s maths, reading abilities and social skills, 83% of parents felt that their child have been negatively distracted by digital technologies. Of note, the research found that 37% of children and young people have been anxious or depressed because of their time online or because they were not allowed to use their device. And while technology can be a great equaliser, this research shows that inequalities persist – these have become particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, with socio-economic factors coming into play.

Starting the conversation early is paramount to ensuring online safety as our children get older – building good habits early on and continuing throughout their maturation and growth. This research highlights the importance of education about safe and responsible use of digital technologies and that parents and carers play a critical role.’

Read the full report here.

eSafety Webinars on using Parental Controls 

Parental controls on devices are an essential part of keeping your kids safe online, but lots of parents have trouble keeping up with how to set the controls, while children, of course, always seem to be across everything…well here comes the Office of the eSafety Commissioner to the rescue, with some webinars for parents in Term 2.

This webinar will look at how parents and carers can set up devices and apps to help kids and young people stay safe online. It is designed for parents and carers of children aged 4-13. It will cover:

  • the benefits and limitations of parental controls
  • how to set up iOS and Android devices for safety
  • how to set up popular games and apps like YouTube and Roblox for safety
  • using family tech agreements and other parenting strategies to manage online risks
  • how eSafety can help when things go wrong.

It will include practical tips, demonstrations and advice.

  • Tuesday 8 June 12.30 to 1.30 pm
  • Wednesday 16 June 7.30 to 8.30 pm

Register here.

From the Head of 10-12 Mr Mitchell Cummings (in consultation with the Head of 7-9 – Mr Brian Bull)

“Are you the best version of you, that you can be”?

This question was posed to the Secondary School as part of the Chapel message. Integrity, being of your character will often set you apart from people around you. Maybe people you work with, maybe people you play sport with, maybe your friendship group. No matter the setting, acting with, or living a life of integrity means that you strive to live an honest life, living your life to a pattern of goods works.

For some this pattern is modelled by their parents, for some it is looking to important people in their life, for some it is bound to the practice of their religion. For us as Christians, we need not look any further than the life of Jesus Christ – the Son of God. To live lives of integrity we just need to look at how Jesus Christ lived his life. Jesus is the perfect example of a man of integrity. Jesus is the only one who was ever without blemish, perfect, completely truthful, and always showing a pattern of good works. Letting Jesus into our life can change us to want to live a better life, a life of integrity.

The Chapel finished with the same rhetorical question –

“Are you the best version of you, that you can be”?

House Cultural Challenge 

The Secondary School students are working hard on their contributions to the House Cultural Challenge which will be held on the last day of this term. Combined Music videos are being prepared, 6 and Under groups are rehearsing their songs and artworks are underway with paint being splashed around all over the place.


Ms Tania Lloyd 

Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary School