Secondary Pastrol

Introducing The Resilience Project

Starting in 2022, the secondary school is pleased to be introducing The Resilience Project’s online wellbeing curriculum in our classrooms. The Resilience Project delivers emotionally engaging programs and provides evidence-based, practical strategies to build resilience.

The Digital Program consists of online presentations and lessons for students, professional development for staff, and a video series for our parent and carer community.

In the beginning weeks of 2022, we’ll be sharing the Parent and Carer Program with you. The videos are 5-10 minutes long and will walk through the key pillars of resilience: Gratitude, Empathy, and Mindfulness. You’ll hear stories and be introduced to activities to show how these strategies can support our students’ learning and development, and also support you as parents and carers.

This program is an important part of our College’s effort to look after the mental health of our community.

View the first presentation of the series here: Part 1: Meet Hugh van Cuylenburg and learn about The Resilience Project

In this presentation, Hugh shares a personal experience about his sister’s battles with Mental Illness.

Note: This video contains a story about an Eating Disorder that may be triggering. Please consider this before watching.

We will re-share this introduction and the remainder of the program, including research and wellbeing activities to integrate into day-to-day life from the beginning of 2022.

Novocastrians are also very fortunate to be able to experience Hugh van Cuylenburg live at the Civic Theatre on November 27th – bookings available here:

From the Heads of 7-9 and 10-12

Throughout Weeks 6 and 7, Secondary students have been involved in Social Kindness Day and International Kindness Day activities. These included the Wrinkled Heart activity (as seen on the BTAC Facebook page) and taking to the walkways with coloured chalk to decorate the school with messages of kindness. Students gained a sense of enjoyment and empathy because of this activity, experiencing positive emotions that flowed as a result of reflecting upon ourselves and the kindness we give. Thank you to the students who assisted Mrs. Carlson with organising this initiative.

We were lucky enough to have another special Guest speaker during week 6 for our third ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’. Gill Davies spoke to our students about growing through stress which was a timely message in the midst of the year in which we find ourselves. We want to thank Gill for her time and the ways in which she engaged and enthused our students.

This week, Year 10 is participating in Australian Business Week. Students are simulating the running of Tech companies over the course of the week including the development of trade displays, websites, advertisements, and company reports. It’s a week of intense group work and always a wonderful experience for our Year 10 students. Mrs. Gurr’s Year 9 Hospitality students will be providing an amazing luncheon on Friday to celebrate the efforts of the Year 10 students and teachers across this busy week.

In Week 8 on Friday, Year 10 hospitality students are offering staff the chance to purchase some amazing menu items, allowing Year 10 Hospitality students to showcase their skills and allowing staff to experience these culinary delights. Thank you, Mrs. Gurr, for organising these lovely end-of-year experiences.

This Friday, Year 11 students, families, and staff will be attending the Year 11 Semi-formal. We wish the Year 11 students a wonderful evening. There are more exciting events happening for students prior to the end of term. Keep an eye out for these notifications that will be coming to your inbox soon.

Teachers have been handing out ‘U-Coins’ to Secondary students who are upholding correct uniform procedure, and looking great as representatives of our College. Students can cash in these ‘U-Coins’ at any staffroom in exchange for a Zooper Dooper. Well done to those students who have already received one or more ‘U-Coins’.

Finally, we wish all students a happy and healthy last two weeks. Remember to continue to try hard and be the best person you can be. Even though we are all tired after a busy and unorthodox year, it is still important to try our best and be kind whether we are at school, on social media, or out and about in the community.

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

Mr. Cummings and Mr. Bull

 Ms. Tania Lloyd

Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary School