Secondary Pastoral

Developing personal character in students

While society might value qualities like ambition, intelligence, or sporting prowess, at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College we celebrate and grow personal character in our students. There is nothing wrong with striving for excellence in academics, creative pursuits, or any other field of endeavour. However, the good personal character should underpin all such efforts.

In Chapel this week, Mr Mark Story talked about God’s word consistently highlighting the importance of developing personal characteristics such as wisdom, humility, and a teachable spirit.

By supporting our students with their personal development, we hope they will become young men and women with character traits that equip them for lives of significance and service.

Personal growth: moral and intellectual character

Personal character is hard to define but is something we recognise when we see it. What we do know is that personal character reveals itself in actions.

There are two types of personal character:

  • Moral character (actions)
  • Intellectual character (thoughts)

Your moral character consists of your actions and behaviours which reflect who you are. As such, moral character is developed through repeated behaviours that shape who you are becoming. Exemplary moral character is evident by displaying ‘right behaviours’, consistently.

Your intellectual character consists of your inner attitudes and dispositions toward things like truth, knowledge and understanding. It is the cognitive (thought) dimension of personal character. Exemplary intellectual character is evident through devotion to seeking the truth.

Moral and intellectual character are linked as moral failure is typically the outworking of defective intellectual character. Our thoughts guide our actions. Our goal at the College is for all our students to continue growing in personal character.

House Cultural Challenge

The Secondary School students are working hard on their contributions to the House Cultural Challenge which will be held on the last day of this term. Combined Music videos are being prepared, 6 and Under groups are rehearsing their songs and artworks are underway with paint being splashed around all over the place.

Ms Tania Lloyd
Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary