Secondary Pastoral

What an amazing last couple of weeks it has been. Congratulations to the graduating Year 12 2020 students. A magnificent week of celebration for the students, culminating in their Valedictory assembly.

Here was my message to Year 12:

“You don’t need a grand plan”.

You just need to start something. Sometimes, part of the fun of life is not knowing where it is going. Trying too hard to figure out the end game takes away the pleasure of the moment. Most of us need to explore, try things, stumble and mess up. All of it adds to your knowledge, experiences and perspective.

So, go be curious and learn things, instead.

Whatever you do, throw your heart over the bar. Being one foot in, one foot out, prevents you from fully engaging with anything, from jobs, to interests, to relationships. Deliver your whole self to whatever the task at hand and see what happens.

And finally, in the immortal words of every IT specialist in the world, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Taking time out for yourself to reflect and refocus will let you find clarity and purpose again.

And so, for all of us as we head into the Term break – please take time to rest, reflect and re-focus.

Tania Lloyd
Deputy Principal