Secondary – Pastoral

Student Leadership
Over the next week, Year 11 students will be submitting their applications for interest in becoming a 2021 Student Leader. All teams of people, including our community, are at their best when led well. Leaders can have an enormous impact in the life of an organisation and student leaders are especially important in the development and success of a school, as they play a crucial role for the younger students in learning how to behave.

In our student leaders, we are looking for pro-activity, calm, fairness, a sense of service and an ability to take responsibility. We are looking for people who can relate well to others, who are warm and are committed to helping other people succeed and be at their best.

This year the selection process has changed slightly to ensure all students understand that being a student leader carries great responsibility as well as having great rewards. Year 11 have participated in Leadership training as part of their Term 3 Care and Wellbeing program (the INSPIRE Student Leadership Development Program). Using parts of this program, students will submit a written application, 2-minute video outlining their leadership aspirations, have written candidacy support from a teacher, supported by their parents and participate in an interview with senior members of staff. There will also be voting by the staff and students which will give an indication of support for students, although students realise this is not an election, so all other relevant factors will also be considered.

Good luck to those students who are applying. As a College, we respect and applaud all students who put their hand up to give service back to their school.

Tania Lloyd
Deputy Principal