Secondary – Pastoral

After weeks of home learning it is fantastic to begin the transition back to normality with the return of students in their house groups. Our College has worked overtime to make home learning as successful as possible and our wonderful tutor teachers have worked extremely hard to maintain connection with their students and to have some fun at the same time. They have used a range of activities to engage the students to focus on their mental health and wellbeing.

Mr Nixon and Year 11 Fletcher like to generate discussion with flash surveys on any topic. After it was determined that most students prefer Coke over Pepsi, debate raged for the rest of tutor as they argued why one sugary drink was better than the other.

Mr O’Brien likes to encourage the students from year 10 Fletcher to ditch their desks and get outside to take in the fresh air and appreciate the natural environment. Students record the different species they hear and see and report back to compare with their peers.

Mrs Walters, like all our tutors, regularly reminds Year 10 Thomas of the importance of faith during these times and their daily prayers play an important part in connection. Her group also listed the benefits of the current home learning situation. Some of these benefits included: more time for homework/assessments, family time, personal time, food, catch up on sleep, new hobbies, pet time, spring cleaning, global warming benefits, Tik Tok, get stuff done, regenerate, saving money, working more, cooking, not packing lunches, toasties!

Mrs Welch and year 10 Darcy have stepped outside of their comfort zone and learnt the fine art of origami to generate more Zen in their life. At the same, time inviting pets to tutor time has been very popular.

Mrs Young and Year 7 Darcy have been working hard on creating supportive cards for some people currently living in nursing homes. The students have come up with some wonderful words of wisdom and support detailing a little about themselves and letting them know they are in our thoughts during this time.

Currey have been very creative to find ways to come together as a group, such as hosting the world’s biggest House Zoom meeting for all of Currey. It gives them the chance to see and connect with each smiling face. As always, the session ends the week with a prayer led by their tenacious leader, Mr Bull.

Mark Durie
Dean of Students