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How to Stay Safe Online

At this time of online learning, the most important person in the digital life of young people is their parents. The NSW eSafety Commissioner has live webinars which are based on the latest research and they are a great way to learn how you can help your child develop the skills to be safer online.

All sessions are delivered by eSafety’s expert education and training team.

  1. eSafety’s guide to online sexual harassment and image-based abuse

This Term 3 webinar will help parents and carers to understand online sexual harassment and image-based abuse, (non-consensual sharing of intimate images).

It is designed for parents and carers of young people aged 13-18.

It will cover:

  • the difference between online sexual harassment and image-based abuse
  • how to report online sexual harassment to social media companies
  • how to report image-based abuse to eSafety and when to report to police
  • where to get support if you feel upset or worried about something that has happened online.
  1. eSafety’s parent guide to popular apps

Learn how to help young people safely use popular apps including TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. This webinar is designed for parents and carers of young people aged 8-13.

It will cover:

From the Heads of 7-9 and 10-12

If you were to ask a teenager whether they want more, or less, screen time in their lives, more often than not they would likely err towards the former. Over the last two weeks, as we find ourselves back online for school, I wonder whether this sentiment would still be true? At this point, I am sure we are all a little screen fatigued but I wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge the way our school community transitioned back into the online space within a less than the 24-hour window.

Our staff and students have smoothly jumped online for classes and barely skipped a beat in Secondary school. Our Year 12 students are currently mid-way through completing their final assessment for their HSC courses, our Year 11 students are finishing up their studies in Stage 6 preliminary course, and students from 7 to 10 are still working hard in their subjects under the guidance and supervision of their teachers.

It’s moments like these where I am proud to be a member of our Bishop Tyrrell community and am always amazed at the flexibility, enthusiasm, and willingness to give things a go. It is no doubt tiring for both staff and students to be shifting gears as they have done but as I have logged in and out of various online classes over the last few weeks, I have seen the same smiling faces still learning and still doing their best.

I want to encourage our students to be kind to themselves in these uncertain times, to make sure they are getting enough exercise, vitamin D, and legally permissible social interactions with others. Obviously, I look forward to our meeting in person again but in the meantime, I am sure we will continue to do the best we can with what we have.

Mr Cummings and Mr Bull


Ms Tania Lloyd

Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary School