Secondary Pastoral

Chapel Week 3 – Run the Race to Win.

The Olympics are great aren’t they, Athletes in their prime competing against each other and themselves for PB’s, Olympic records, or even a World Record and of course maybe a gold medal. In Secondary Chapel, our thought was all about the race, how and what is done to win the race.

Eric Moussambani Malonga was a swimmer from Equatorial Guinea. He was given the nickname ‘Eric the Eel’ and won the hearts of many at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. While Eric’s time was still too slow to advance to the next round, he set a new personal best and an Equatoguinean national record. For Eric, it was all about his race.

The Bible passages from Proverbs 3 and 1st Corinthians 9 recommends that we live a life of love and loyalty to God. Both our readings refer to a means to an end, what are we prepared to do to live the best life we can and hopefully be rewarded for all that effort.

Life’s race will have many obstacles and God wants us to trust him that he will help us over these obstacles. But those who stay the course, push through the painful times and run, will get the prize.

So how do we win this race of life?

Firstly and most importantly – Trust God and live a life that he wants you to live, following the example of his Son, Jesus Christ.

Secondly, commit yourself to strict training and avoid the obstacles of sin that the Bible warns us about. Sin that will cause us to go off course and prevent us from finishing the race. If we live lives of love and loyalty to God then we will train ourselves for example not to lie, cheat, gossip or be mean to others. Train ourselves to avoid these obstacles.

Thirdly, don’t waste time. Each minute that God gives us is a gift that is to be used for Him and His purposes. We are to make wise use of our time and run the race with purpose.

Fourth, don’t get disqualified. It takes self-discipline and resisting the temptations that if given in to, could result in disqualification and not receiving the prize. Trust in God.

And Lastly – Run to get the prize.

We must run to get the prize and never give up. For some, the race will be a sprint, some a steeplechase, some a marathon. In the end, winning the race is all about the reward of eternal life in Heaven.

A message from our College Psychologist.

This week our Year 9 girls had the opportunity to hear from our College Psychologist Ms Hannam, who spoke to them about navigating the sometimes difficult subject of friendships at the College. Strategies were suggested on handling those times when friends have a falling out and ways to repair them. Ms Gurr also suggested to follow the very simple, but helpful strategy of ‘THINK’

T =     Is it TRUE?

H =     Is it HELPFUL?

I =       Is it INSPIRING?

N =     Is it NECESSARY?

K =     Is it KIND?

Some very sound advice for us all.

Year 11 Leadership Days

On Wednesday and Thursday of Week 4, all of our Year 11 students spent some quality time with Ms Lloyd and Mr Cummings contemplating what it was to be a leader. This was in preparation for the appointment of our College Student Leaders for 21/22. The students enjoyed fun activities and times of self-reflection as they explored what it was to be a leader and in the end what could they each do for the College, for their fellow students and for themselves as young adults. We congratulate Year 11 on their maturity and wish them well as they decide if a leadership position is for them.

From the

Head of Years 7-9, Mr Bull

Head of Years 10-12, Mr Cummings

Ms. Tania Lloyd

Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary