Secondary Pastoral

Secondary Pastoral – Term 3 Week 1

Mindset: The ABC of Negative Thinking

If I asked you to stop thinking for one minute, what do you think would happen? Most people tell me (and I’m the same) that they can’t.

That is thoughts just arrive – don’t they? We have very little if no control over the thoughts that enter our minds. However, once aware of those thoughts we can decide if they are serving us or not.

If your thoughts are not serving you and you want to interrupt the negative nature of those thoughts, then your thinking becomes more realistic, your language becomes more precise and you replace words like should and must with could or when.

Rather than the imagined “stories” in your mind, you come to see reality as it is.

The table below illustrates how to use the ABC of Thinking to challenge and change negative thoughts.

A =

Activating Event


B =


C =

Emotional and behavioural Consequence

D =

Dispute with evidence / rationality

I have an important exam approaching. I’m going to fail! This is unbearable, I can’t stand it, I’ll never be able to prepare for the exam…I’m useless…Why bother? Anxious. Can’t sleep or focus on anything. Procrastinate. Who can help me? I’ve done well before. I’m just stressed and thinking negatively. How can I relax and focus on one thing that will get me moving?

From the Heads of 7-9 and 10-12

Welcome back to all students to Term Three – and what a term it is! With a number of events planned over the course of the 10 weeks, we hope that these will run as planned in light of the evolving COVID restrictions. With House challenges, Year 12 Valedictory and our ongoing Deep Learning project we have lots to look forward to in Secondary despite things like masks and hand sanitise becoming part of our day-to-day again.

Firstly, a big congratulations from myself and Mr. Bull to Ava Kniest in Year 12 being the second award winner of the Term 2 Merit draw! Over the course of the term students’ names go into the draw for this and Ava earned for herself a $50 voucher to JB HIFI. She nominated Nicholas Allen to take a challenging 3 point shot to potentially win an additional $100 voucher but this time around Nicholas was sadly unsuccessful. Watch this space for the prize draw jackpotting to a total of $200 at the end of Term 3! Remember each teacher gives a student in their classes a merit per week so there will be many opportunities to earn merits in Term 3.

We wish Year 12 all the best as they go into their final term prior to the Higher School Certificate with a few hurdles along the way between now and then. Trial Examinations are a true test of what a Higher School Certificate Examination is like and so we look forward to seeing the hard work and study of Year 12 students come to fruition in the coming weeks. The end-of-term celebrations for Valedictory are always one of the annual highlights for our College community, as we farewell our senior students, and so we are looking forward to sharing in the highs and lows to come during Term 3.

 Mr. Cummings and Mr. Bull

Ms. Tania Lloyd

Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary