Secondary – Pastoral

In assembly last week I spoke about gratitude and why it matters. I watched a great documentary in the holidays on Netflix – Song Exploder – it looks at the way famous songs come into existence – one of these was how the musical “Hamilton: An American Musical” came to be.  One of the musical’s great quotes resonated with me – Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays Hamilton says “Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now!”

I wanted to say publicly how grateful I am for the time, effort and passion all students put into their Deep Learning Projects from Term 3.  It has given us great insight into what worked well for students and what we could improve on in 2021.

So, why does gratitude matter?
When you feel gratitude, you feel a sense of abundance. When you express gratitude—especially when it’s heartfelt—you strengthen your relationships with others. Grateful people are happier and more fulfilled. And gratitude leads you to be nicer to other people: more cooperative, patient, and trusting.

Being grateful for the teachers we have at the College is also the theme of the upcoming World Teacher’s Day celebrations, on Friday 30 October. I hope you will all join with me in saying “Thank You” for the magnificent job you all do in teaching, mentoring, supporting and growing the young people entrusted to you.

Tania Lloyd
Deputy Principal