Secondary – Care and Wellbeing

What a wonderful day our 2021 Year 7 students had on Tuesday as they gathered in the secondary school to meet their peers for next year. They broke into their House tutor groups and started their day with their Heads of House and House Captains learning about each other and playing ice-breaker games. Following this the students started their rotations through their lessons, starting from raw ingredients to delivering up delicious individual pizzas, finding their way about the secondary school using geographical tools, discovering how letters and numbers are connected, learning how to use their physicality in dramatic improvisations, finding solutions to the real-life problem of over-crowded ferries and reflecting on how a fly has different mouthparts to ours!  We can’t wait to see them again next week as they continue to become more confident about coming to secondary school.

Whilst these transition days are all about growing the confidence of our newest students to be, it begs the question to be asked “What do we hope for when we send children to school?”

This is the question Martin Luther King, Jr. posed in an essay entitled “The Purpose of Education,” published in the Morehouse student newspaper. King’s answer: “Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.”

But what, then, is character? Character is personal integrity, honesty, and social responsibility. But character is also persistence in the face of obstacles, self-discipline and work ethic. The list of what constitutes admirable character goes on and on. In short, character is not one thing, but many.

A great classroom is one in which young people thrive in every sense of the word. Schools play an essential role in helping young people develop socially, emotionally, physically and academically.

We hope this is what the 2021 Year 7 cohort are finding about the secondary school and strive to ensure this continues for them as they move towards their graduation in 2026.

Tania Lloyd
Deputy Principal