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Global Citizenship Service Learning Student Projects – Virtual Open House

From Friday, September 25th @

Or Caleb > Co-Curricular then Click the Deep Learning Tile – top left.

As part of the Deep Learning initiative the College has joined, this term students have worked together in small teams on a Global Citizenship Service Learning Project on real-world important global problems/issues/needs like kindness, environmental conservation, inclusion, reconciliation and helping refugees and homeless people. The role of the teacher and the community involved in these projects was to create the conditions for the invention and learning, rather than provide the ready-made knowledge. We believe learning is deepest when it connects to students’ lives – who they are, how they fit into the world, and how they can contribute back.

Let us bring some joy and light to ourselves and others!

Students have used class-time and some of their learning time at home to complete their service learning projects and then created virtual renditions of this time using Adobe Spark as their display platform. The Virtual Open House allows us to come together as a College community to celebrate our students’ character, compassion, creativity, and global citizenship!

Creativity and passion were encouraged!

Students could collaborate on projects.

Projects could be big or small, simple or complex;

We encouraged them to believe everything makes a difference!

Please enjoy the projects the students have created in this virtual space.

Tania Lloyd
Deputy Principal