Secondary Academic

Secondary Learning Enrichment Team 

The College’s Learning Enrichment team plays a key role in ensuring that the specific needs of students with a disability and/or additional learning and support needs are met.

The Secondary Learning Enrichment Team at BTAC consists of Mrs Leah Reynolds, Mrs Debbie Brown, Miss Natalie Fisher and Mrs Lauren Carlson. They provide ongoing support as required to students in Years 7-12 with their individual learning and social requirements. As a result, we can ensure our students are engaging and achieving to their full potential at school, academically and socially. Just a few of the things the learning support team do are:

  • Collaborate with and support teachers in identifying and responding to individual, additional learning needs of students.
  • Develop collaborative partnerships with the school, parents and carers, school psychologist, health professionals and the wider school community.
  • Provide students with extra assistance during exams, or with assessment tasks and homework.
  • Assist students to develop organisational and planning skills to ensure tasks are well thought out and executed, and completed by the due dates without creating undue stress.
  • Individual or small group assistance for students in the classroom.
  • Offering of additional support with classwork and homework at lunch time breaks.
  • Regularly checking in with individual students to see how they are feeling and travelling at school, and to monitor if they need any extra support.
  • Collaborating with students, teachers, parents and carers, and health professionals to form Individual Plans to ensure every student is engaging and achieving to the best of their ability, every day, in the classroom and playground. This ensures all parties are actively involved in the decision-making process and reviews as required.
  • Assisting teachers with individual assessments and planning to ensure we are catering to individual learning abilities.

If you have any questions or concerns around your child’s learning or social needs, please do not hesitate to contact Lauren Carlson (Learning Enrichment Teacher – Secondary) on 4979 8424 or

Study Skills Tip – Set Times for Home Learning


Many students come home from school and end up just waiting until they might ‘feel’ like doing schoolwork. Or else they drag everything out over the whole night. A much better way is each night have set allocated times for home learning. Many students find that learning in 20–30-minute blocks works well for them. During this time students should do homework first, then work on any assignments or upcoming tests, then use the rest of the time allocated for schoolwork to complete independent learning activities such as reviewing work they find difficult, making study notes or doing practice questions to build their skills. All distractions should be removed during this time, so students learn to focus for 20–30-minute blocks of time. It is a great idea to make a timetable of the home learning and place it on the fridge, so everyone is clear when students are focusing and when they are doing other activities or having free time.


Some of the benefits for students of having set times allocated for home learning are:

  • You are more likely to learn at home if you know when to start and when to end.
  • You will be more effective when you remove distractions and learn to focus for 20–30-minute blocks.
  • In all the times NOT allocated to schoolwork you can do whatever you like without feeling guilty about it.
  • Having set times stops arguments between students and parents as everyone has agreed when the timeslots allocated to students will be.
  • You know that you are doing enough work for school.
  • Keeping your home learning and personal life separate means you will be able to manage all the distractions in your life and still complete your work for school.

Deep Learning Projects 2021  

More information has been sent home this week on the 2021 projects.

Bishop Tyrrell is a Deep Learning School. We are part of a global initiative that seeks to activate students’ innate desire to connect and be curious through authentic deep learning. Our goal at Bishop Tyrrell is to foster new pedagogies for deep learning so that students can contribute to the common good, address global challenges and flourish in turbulent and complex times.

Students in Year 5-12 will be working to a modified Friday timetable from week 5 to enable the project to occur with the capacity for students to collaborate within and across year groups.

Students in K-4 will continue to work as per normal days with their project time integrated (they will be accessing the canteen at the same time as all other students).

Ms Tania Lloyd
Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary