Secondary Academic

Guy Claxton, a very well respected educational thinker and researcher says: “Learning – real learning – isn’t about getting things right the first time…it’s about discovering and being given worthwhile challenges, it’s about working hard with imagination and accepting critique…in the end, you come out with something you feel proud of….all need to experience that rush of deep pride and satisfaction.”

This sort of learning takes courage. You have to believe you can learn and grow.  Fear of learning is the dreaded expectancy that anything that could go wrong, will go wrong. So, if you are a fearful learner, you don’t try, you give up, freeze, avoid challenges and critique.

With this in mind, I ask you to reflect on your learning so this year.

  • When did you believe in the potential that lies in you?
  • When did you let fear stop you from learning and growing?
  • How did you work to put your learning fears to death last semester?

Did you:

  • Talk to someone
  • Change your self-talk
  • Seek help or work with others
  • Accept feedback and apply it
  • Find a role model
  • Find new resources or try new ways to approach a challenge?

Did you take time to reflect on and celebrate the incredible things that having faith in yourself helped you achieve this semester? If you didn’t, gift yourself some special moments to do so during the holiday break. By doing so, you all will get the chance to experience a rush of deep pride and satisfaction that comes with knowing that you will be really learning!

This week we recognize those who have had the courage to ‘face their learning fears to death’! We acknowledge their dedication, talent, skills and resilience. Congratulations to all who received awards this week. You should be very proud. You should also be confident that, with courage and faith in yourself, you will continue to grow and achieve.

Please congratulate the following students who received Frist in subject awards at this week’s Secondary Assembly.

Year 7 Subjects Name
Mathematics James G
Technology eq Bianca T
Technology eq Lachlan Y
English Caitlin Q
Science Caitlin Q
Geography Eve C
Japanese Eve C
Music Eve C
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Eve C
Visual Arts Eve C

Year 8 Subjects Name
Mathematics eq Rafe H
Japanese Faith V
Music Breanna W
Technology Cooper H
English Reshma R
History Reshma R
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education eq Reshma R
STEM Reshma R
Mathematics eq Mikayla W
Music Extension Mikayla W
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education eq Mikayla W
Science Mikayla W
Visual Arts Mikayla W

Year 9 Subjects Name
Commerce Dascha H
Drama Madison H
Maths Honours eq Ryan L
Visual Arts Tara M
Design and Technology Max R
Maths Honours eq Jessica L
Music Jessica L
Elective History Elysia D
English Elysia D
Geography Elysia D
Mathematics Elysia D
Photographic and Digital Media Elysia D
Food Technology Jazmine O
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Jazmine O
Physical Activity and Sports Studies Jazmine O
Science Jazmine O
Visual Design Jazmine O

Year 10 Subjects Name
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education  Dylan B
Design and Technology  Sebastian P
Commerce eq  Gurtaj S
Physical Activity and Sports Studies eq  Ella S
Drama  Matilda T
Commerce eq  Mia W
Information Software Technology  Jacob W
Physical Activity and Sports Studies eq  Hallie B
STEM  Hallie B
Mathematics  Abigail K
Photographic and Digital Media  Abigail K
Visual Design  Abigail K
English  Lyla C
History  Lyla C
Mathematics Honours  Lyla C
Music  Lyla C
Science  Lyla C
Visual Arts  Lyla C

Year 11 Subjects Name
Mathematics Standard  Zane B
Information Processes Technology  Simranpreet K
Sports, Lifestyle and Recreation  Zachary M
Community and Family Studies  Madison N
Ancient History  Kiara H
Business Studies  Kiara H
Music  Talia Ann R
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education  Talia Ann R
Biology  Khiera B
English Advanced  Khiera B
English Extension  Khiera B
Mathematics Advanced  Khiera B
Design and Technology  Jackson L
English Standard  Jackson L
Visual Arts  Jackson L
Visual Design  Jackson L
Chemistry  Megan W
Engineering Studies  Megan W
Mathematics Extension  Megan W
Physics  Megan W


Tania Lloyd

Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary