There’s quite a buzz in the school this week as teachers prepare for the introduction of new Term 3 teaching and learning programs designed to prepare students for their future in their workplace and community.

Maths Pathways is a highly successful teaching and learning program originating from Monash University and now being implemented in the middle school years throughout Australia. Maths Pathways personalises the way in which individual students learn Mathematics through its online program, starting students at their current skill level and challenges students to keep moving forward, developing new concepts at each level. No more waiting for others to catch up in class or being worried because you can’t!

Our teachers have been preparing to introduce Maths Pathways online and extension programs for Year 7 for the remainder of 2020, with the view to operating in Years 7 and 8 the following year. It’s exciting! Keep up to date with this initiative by exploring the breadth and depth of this highly regarded program at

The whole school initiative for Term 3 is the extension of the global Deep Learning Framework: Engage the World Change the World by providing students time to participate in challenging project work, culminating an exhibition of students work at the end of the term. The Deep Learning Framework focuses on teaching the six global competencies – character, citizenship, communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking using project-based learning to problem solve global issues. Bishop Tyrrell teachers are the leaders in our region, implementing Deep Learning strategies and initiatives drawn from a wealth of source material throughout the world. Students are assessed on their work using the six competencies above. Deep Learning has attracted the attention of educators worldwide for its learning partnerships, new teaching practices, and leveraged digital skills which pull an otherwise scattered curriculum together. You can learn about how this amazing Framework came into being at

It’s certainly been a different kind of Term 2. Thank you to our amazing team of teachers and our tech savvy students who during the term have shown that they are ahead of the game in online learning. Parents, thank you for your significant support and willingness to work with your children to keep their learning focused and on point during this time of need. Please note that we are now following the Department of Education guidelines on what can and can’t be done at school as we learn to live with COVID-19.  Regular hand washing, surface cleaning and social distancing remain the focus for all members of our school community.

I hope that you will all have a well-deserved rest over the school holidays and follow the COVID Safe routines to protect yourself and your families from illness.

Suzanne Bain