The Bishop Tyrrell community has much to be thankful for in 2021.

As a learning community, we have been true to our educational vision for each student to be curious and self-confident learners, with a broad and deep knowledge base and a passion for learning. As we know learning has been quite different this year.

Our strategic goals to enhance the learning experience in each stage of learning have led us to introduce new programs from the Reggio Emelia play and inquiry-based learning in Preschool; to teaching children in years 1 and 2 to develop problem-solving skills through learning how to play chess; through to using the Deep Learning Framework which is preparing our students to be confident in communication, critical and creative thinking, teamwork and collaboration – all essential competencies necessary to thrive in the 21st century and beyond.  It’s so important for students to know how to learn and develop a love of learning and to feel confident that they can do this.

Underpinning this in the classroom and online, students and teachers have engaged in all key learning areas and through explicit teaching of skills in literacy and numeracy.

We have also grown our co-curricular programs, in instrumental music, bands, and ensembles and, in new coaching and training opportunities for students in club sports building the foundation for stronger sports participation in 2022.

Congratulations to both students and teachers on your achievements in 2021.  Today we acknowledge your effort, your diligence, and your commitment to producing the very best learning outcomes.

Teachers have very diligently engaged with students and their learning under a range of unique circumstances during this year. They have demonstrated flexibility in the methods available to them to present the content for each subject area and found ways for students to learn new skills face to face or online as the case may be.  They have been creative and adaptable so that you could produce evidence of your learning through various assessments. Teachers have prepared home learning packs and delivered these through “drive by delivery” as well as engaged children in learning on the screen, all day!

Moreover, our teachers continue to be involved in significant training and development activities throughout the year, to learn new skills and prepare for the coming year.

This takes commitment and resilience on the part of our teachers. Please thank our teachers when you see them.

Students, you have also diligently engaged with your learning under these same unique circumstances which have made you to think about how you learn best. In the Early Years and in Primary school learning for the love of learning is so important.

While this year we have been reminded that Face to Face learning is definitely the best, as you go through school and university or TAFE, more and more learning is going to be reliant on technology. So, I encourage you to do two things – learning collaboratively, with friends and with teachers, as much as you can, and, learning for the pleasure of learning, on your own, by setting up a study program and sticking to this. Ultimately you are responsible for your learning, and we have provided secondary school students with the learning analytics program so that you can track your progress.

Rev Jacqui with the Chaplain’s new advent banner gifted to us by Ms. Bain.

All Anglican schools, throughout Australia, focus on academic success. We want you to be a creative and critical thinker, scholar, and problem solver. We don’t want you to just copy and complete We want you to be proud of your learning and gain as much knowledge as you can in the fields that you love to study.

Our College Ministry has been strengthened this year with the arrival of Reverend Jacqui Weston as our College Chaplain. Rev Jacqui has engaged online with other Anglican schools throughout Australia/, met many students and teachers by dropping into Christian Studies lessons, and started to create our Campus Ministry program with a team of teachers and students. This team will work on activities for our service learning, pastoral care, and regular College worship. We are grateful for the spirit and presence you are bringing to our school every day.

Of course, we need to have confidence when we experience something different, such as the unusual circumstances of staying at home during lockdown while focusing on learning. This year we needed to learn how to be resilient and to have faith that “all will be well”. We have introduced Well Being Wednesday in the secondary and followed the You Can do it program in Primary. We learned to be grateful for what we have, to have empathy for others, and to be mindful of our needs and the needs of others as we go about our learning together.

There will always be unusual circumstances in life. You will need to keep on learning all of your life regardless of the circumstances around you, with the tools you have, with faith in your God, and the gifts and talents given to you. Use them wisely while you are at Bishop Tyrrell every day.

It’s been my pleasure to work with you as your Principal for the past two years your 22nd and 23rd years of growth and development. Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College has a strong future. Thank you for letting me be a part of that journey.


Ms. Suzanne Bain