Welcome back to school, students, and teachers! How we have been looking forward to this exciting day!

Congratulations on your resilience and perseverance during the COVID lockdown. We know some of us found being apart from each other tough; students, teachers, and parents alike. We are glad to see a return to community life on-site, where we can support one another face to face.

As always, there are many support options available to help transition back to working alongside each other once again. There are also some health-related rules for us to follow which your teachers will provide on your return.

The best news of all is that we can now properly welcome our new Chaplain, The Reverend Jacqueline Weston in her new role as a School Chaplain. If you see Jacqui, please give her a warm Bishop Tyrrell welcome as she is quickly learning how we do things and getting to know everyone.

You can catch up with her story in our latest news item New Chaplain finds faith in students’ unique gifts.

From Term 4, Secondary parents will have access to the Learning Analytics Platform, which we have named Athena. The platform has been used by students for some time now and they are used to tracking their academic goals and achievements in each of their subject areas. We know that firsthand access to the outcome of their tests and assessments, as early as possible, encourages motivation and the will to strive to be their best selves in learning.

Teachers have access and now parents will have online access to the files to assist students to strive for continuous improvement. In the primary years, teachers have access to the Learning Analytics platform and use this information to follow student outcomes and enable their lesson planning.

There is a new login portal for improved parent access.

Once you have signed in to CALEB, click on the Athena Learning Analytics tile to be taken to the new login portal for access to the Learning Analytics Platform. Please refer to this brief overview for more information about how this new login portal works.

Please contact Mr Tim Gardiner if you have any problems logging on using the passport or are having difficulties accessing the information in Athena.

Finally, as we plan for Term 1 2022, I’m pleased to let you know that Ms Rachel Halpin has decided to remain at Bishop Tyrrell in the Maths Department. We are very pleased.


Ms Suzanne Bain