Dear College families,

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing ten of our Year 11 students who applied for Leadership positions in Year 12. Our discussions provided the opportunity to hear from students who had been with the College for many years and to see their character and enthusiasm shine through as they spoke to us. All Year 11 students had previously attended a two-day in-house workshop, including a webinar ‘Unleashing Personal Potential’.

I saw confidence, resilience, and pride in their school come to the fore in each interview. In talking about what Learn, Lead and Serve meant to them and how they had applied these values in the school community life, I was pleased to see the evidence of great pride in their school and the values it holds dear. Leading students during one’s final year of school is a great privilege, and I am sure that the gifts and talents of these young people will serve us well in the coming year, in whatever role they accept. I look forward to seeing the outcomes of voting by staff and students over the coming days.

It was delightful to see such amazing costumes on show at Book Week online last week. Dressing up at home for photos, broke the sameness of online learning for a day and we were in for a treat. I’m sure you will enjoy the photos in this edition of the Bulletin. Holding onto the importance of reading books, alongside the use of digital technologies is so important. Educational research reminds us that regular reading of books of all kinds is essential to the development of vocabulary, the use of language, and reading comprehension and we encourage all students not to let this disappear from daily life.  Thank you, parents, for your support of Book Week activities and your participation in the celebrations, Ms Demmocks, our librarian, and our teachers, who compiled the wonderful Zoom presentations for each year level. You certainly turned the lockdown melancholy into a fun day to come together virtually.

During lockdown last year I shared with you the famous words attributed to Julian of Norwich on developing resilience, by drawing on our inner strength and handing our worries to our God.

Julian of Norwich (1343 – 1416) was a Christian mystic, who lived in a small cell at the Church of St Julian, in Norwich, UK from which she wrote several manuscripts about how we should live our lives, her most famous being “Revelations of Divine Love”. She was known as Mother Julian and was said to have visions from God from which she formed her beliefs.

The most famous quote from her writing which remains in our vocabulary even today is – “All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.” Christians believe that Mother Julian was reminding us of God’s love for us and telling us not to worry about things. This weekend, I hope you take some time to remind yourself that “All will be well”.


Ms Suzanne Bain