Thank you for your valuable assistance in moving the College from at school to at-home learning. Your support means a lot at this critical time. Because our teachers are well versed in delivering online learning experiences, we are confident our students will not experience lost time. The school timetable is being followed, attendance rolls are being marked every lesson, and we are expecting the best of each student.

Our learning community needs to be mindful of the impact of each of our actions and to always take safety precautions, and be supportive of one another, as we navigate our way through these increased restrictions. We have a small number of primary school children whose parents are essential workers at College. Please remember that the Stay-at-Home Orders are in place because this virus is life-threatening for every member of your family and every member of our staff. Help us to keep our College families safe by staying at home with your children as a first preference.

Just this week, Year 11 students have been participating in leadership training through a blended online incursion delivered by the charismatic coaches Fred and Madeline from   ‘Unleashing Personal Potential’ via Zoom, and a self-paced online leadership course ‘INSPIRE’. Students will also be able to use their Term 3 Deep Learning project as evidence of continued Service Learning.

The incursion offered creative and engaging ways to help Year 11 understand one another’s strengths and get to know what kind of leaders they are. Leaders often need to jump through hoops generating ideas on how to do so, planning effectively, and all the while considering the people around them. Often, we have greater strengths in some of these areas than others, and we are more effective as a group ‘to rise together’ if we know what these strengths are.

In a safe environment, we are preparing students for leadership by helping them to understand how best to work together with the aim of building respectful relationships with one another, and enabling them to explore their identity, vocation, and purpose. As a college, we are committed to providing opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership traits invaluable in life beyond school, and both the student leadership application process and next year’s roles provide excellent employment experience.

Small actions of service and kindness also have a positive influence on our learning community. You don’t need a badge to have a positive influence on our learning community. At Bishop Tyrrell, we believe all members of our community should be capable of exercising leadership in different contexts. If your actions inspire, help people to learn more, do more, and become more – you are a leader.

Together our learning community wishes year 11 all the best with their applications and look forward to announcements at the end of term.

Recently we came across a book launched this year by Clinical Psychologist Dr Jodie Lowinger – “The Mind Strength Method”. Dr Jodie has released 5 short videos on YouTube helping parents to recognise anxiety, conquer worry and build resilience. This YouTube link will take you to Video 1.

Stay safe this weekend, and the school will send updates via email, CALEB, and Facebook during the week.

I would like to thank you for being patient and supportive during these times.


Suzanne Bain