A big thank you to the parents, staff, and students who contributed to this year’s Perspectives Survey. We are grateful for your contribution and are excited to see a significant improvement in the results from 2019 feedback to 2021. Increasingly schools are using regular data collection to assist their decision-making and development of strategies to improve processes and deliver outcomes. While fewer parents contributed than the previous survey, the overall survey response rate was 39% which is a valid sample and provides good data from which we can consider any school improvement initiatives in the future.

Positive gains can be seen in each Domain of the survey – School Environment, Teaching and Learning, Student Well Being, Leadership, and Community. Over the coming weeks, we will take the time to undertake a more thorough data analysis as we continue to strengthen our educational programs and growth strategies for the College.

Similarly, our secondary academic team has been encouraging students to track the data from their learning outcomes across the range of subject areas and their wellbeing, using the Learning Analytics program (Athena). It’s one strategy we are using to engage students in data analysis that leads them to take responsibility for their learning progress, tracking their improvement, and ultimately becoming self-motivated life-long learners.

Co-curricular programs are popular with our students ranging from clubs and activities offered each lunch time to external interschool sporting and debating competitions. A special mention today for the winners of the Hunter Region Middle Division Debating Team. Bishop Tyrrell students Caitlin Q, Cooper Y, Bianca T, and Eve C went through four rounds undefeated demonstrating their debating skills. Unfortunately, the competition has been curtailed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Thank you for assisting us to maintain a safe workplace for our staff and learning environment for our students. It is disappointing when pandemic restrictions force us to reconsider normal school activities. We have cancelled our outdoor education program for Term 3 and 4 in some year levels and postponed others with a review scheduled should the NSW Health Department be able to reduce the restrictions later in the year. I am pleased to see people abiding by recommendations to wear a mask, physical distancing, and hand washing. We need to support one another as a community and be mindful of the needs of those around us by using abundant caution.


Suzanne Bain