Our College community was buzzing with anticipation at the prospect of hosting our first College Alumni gathering this week. It was a joy to see over 60 graduates accepting our invitation to join us at the Parry Street Garage in Newcastle city. Alumni from 2008 through to 2020 joined staff to celebrate this initial gathering. Hearing their stories of accomplishment and joy, affirmed that graduates of the College are flourishing. The purpose behind this gathering was also to officially establish the Alumni group as a part of the Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College wider community. We look forward to staying in touch with these fine young graduates and inviting them back to the school as role models and supporters of our secondary school students.

We heard of the careers many of these young people have established in the law, in engineering, health sciences, including medicine and in education. Many are still students at University here in Newcastle or in Sydney. I’m confident that we’ll hear more from this group of fine young people as opportunities to make further connections emerge during this year. We hope they will join us when we host a community carnival in the future. Some of our past students already attend our annual secondary school camps and activities to support our current students in their final years, easing that transition into the life of a university or trade college student. The Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College community can be very proud of the young people we met at the reunion.

In many ways, gathering the alumni together is a milestone on the College journey of growth and development. In our 22nd year, we have also welcomed graduates of our College as they enrol their children in the early years. While it takes 30 to 35 years to build an independent school Bishop Tyrell Anglican College is well on that journey, delivering the many and varied learning opportunities it offers to children and young people, the affirming and safe learning environment and the quality of its teachers.  Completing this circle gives confidence to all of us involved in the growth and development of this College and the life-giving community that it is.

On that note, how pleasing it was to welcome record numbers of families as they queued at the Mother’s Day Breakfast on Friday 7th May in the Batty Hall. After socially distancing for so long, protecting one another from COVID-19, it was with great pleasure that staff manned the BBQ to prepare a wonderful breakfast for our mothers or mother figures in our community.

We will host a College Open Day onsite on May 24, to showcase the exciting learning opportunities and experiences provided to our students over and above the Australia curriculum. This community of learners ensures that your child’s potential will be developed to enable them to be all that they can be in later life.

Suzanne Bain