Bishop Tyrrell teachers motivate their students to be curious and self-confident learners and to engage with new learning each day. Our teachers want to make a difference in your child’s learning through the many and varied activities they present as they lead the way through classroom and co-curricular activities.  Naturally, the explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy is important through the primary years. In the middle years of schooling, the focus on literacy and numeracy remains, not only in those subjects but also across each subject discipline. These skills are fundamental to success now and later in life.

Complimenting this focus, Bishop Tyrrell teachers use the world-renowned New Pedagogies for Deep Learning in each subject area to prepare our children and young people for a rapidly changing world. This teaching method ensures that children will master skills and competencies colloquially known as the 6C’s – Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking, in addition to developing Character and Citizenship skills. Not every skill area is covered every lesson, but teachers are weaving this new way of thinking into their daily work.

We want every student to have every opportunity to flourish at Bishop Tyrrell and beyond, confident that they have the skills and competencies to learn throughout their lives. In the twenty-first Century and beyond proficiency in the 6C’s will be essential.

Our 2021 special initiative project conducted in teams on 10 Friday afternoons during the coming term, will take on new themes. In Years 9 to 12, the theme is Business Builders, teaching students about ideation, design thinking, marketing, launch strategies and pitching. In Years 5 to 8, the theme is Cities of the Future, motivating students to consider autonomous vehicles, smart housing, renewable energy, sustainable design and the future of work.  Kindergarten to Year 4 students will focus on their own project areas.

We are looking forward to viewing exhibitions of student work at the end of Term 3.

During the Easter holiday break, we took the opportunity to refurbish our secondary STEM Classroom and our College Café. We are very excited that these new learning spaces are almost ready for use and look forward to showcasing them to you in our next Bulletin.

Finally, our Da Vinci Decathalon teams will be competing in the State competition next week. The competition will be held online this year with students competing against the state from the College classrooms. We wish them well in this competition.

Suzanne Bain