Bishop Tyrrell strives to be a child-safe school in all that we undertake each day. Children flourish in an environment where they feel physically and psychologically safe and once this optimum learning environment is reached children feel safe to learn.

You may not be aware that each January all College employees undertake annual Child Protection and Mandatory Reporting training modules, in addition to modules on the implementation of the most recent Disability Legislation as it applies to the school setting. Everyone takes their responsibility to implement each of these legislative obligations very seriously to create and maintain a child-safe learning environment.

Our COVID Risk Management Plan remains in place until vaccinations become a reality. We urge all families to commit to maintaining each of the Health and Safety recommendations of the NSW Health Department, which now appear to be the new normal way of life. Bishop Tyrrell is a large community with people of all ages to consider, and the spread of any highly contagious illness could have serious consequences for many. We continue to be vigilant and ask you to join us in this endeavour.

The Care and Well Being of children and young people within the school and the wider community is also a responsibility for our community. As a school, we continue to be proactive in equipping our students with the very best knowledge of their rights and legal responsibilities toward one another and the necessary social skills. Recent media attention on moral and social responsibility has highlighted the need to continually provide young people with opportunities to learn how to safely navigate the world of social media and to look out for themselves and one another.

In March children in Years 5 to 8 will be participating in online safety training provided by the College Police Liaison Officer. Years 9 to 12 students will participate in online safety training, and, in addition, rights, responsibilities and legal consent training, also with our Police Liaison Officer who is well known to them.

As a College community, we provide the highest level of education in these social development matters and will continue to do so through our Well Being Programs and Deep Learning Curriculum Framework. Interestingly, character development features as a key competency within this framework for teaching and the goals are these: the essential social and emotional character traits of grit, tenacity, perseverance and resilience, together with compassion toward others.

Suzanne Bain