One of the most powerful skills a child will learn when surrounded by a supportive values-based community such as Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College is the power of servant leadership. This kind of leadership is a way of behaving which focuses our thinking toward the needs of others rather than ourselves.

We begin our servant leadership program next week with the special assembly to formally induct our Primary School leaders into their roles and we reintroduce our Secondary School leaders who were inducted in Term 4. Bishop Tyrrell teachers lead students to be involved in serving others, encouraging them to be team players, developing character and supporting the team effort to accomplish goals.

We congratulate the following primary leaders in their important roles in our school community and commit to supporting them in developing these skills and abilities.

Primary Captains

Mali Dilenardo and Cayless O’Brien

Primary Prefects

Currey House – Myles Hutchins and Jessica McDean
Darcy House – Sophia Robertson and Vani Prasad
Fletcher House – Gurmansukh Kang and Lily Russell
Thomas House – Cooper Davies and Emma Williams

Creative Arts – Ekamdeep Kaur and Emily Crain
Events and Service – Ella Attard and Maddison Fairbairn
Faith and Service – Clara Sebire
IT – Joshua Pigeon and Gracy Baxter
Sport – Damien Johnstone and Eve Ockerby
You Can Do It – Kosta Tsiaousis, Lachlan Woodful and Mikaela Harris

Experience tells us that Servant Leadership leads to higher engagement, greater trust and stronger relationships within the community. Students raised in a  community where the values inherent in Servant Leadership are practised will grow to be stronger in character.

Sue Bain