On behalf of the Primary staff, I would like to thank all the parents for the support you have offered us with a variety of in-class and extra-curricular activities that have taken place this term. The Deep Learning projects across all year levels have been nothing short of inspirational. There were many moments that highlight the important work we are doing in creating future global leaders. Year 1 were discussing the plight of the homeless and one particular student became upset when she realised that other people may not be as fortunate as us. That student and her peers were instantly motivated and driven to work really hard to make a difference, as did every other student across primary in their project. Some projects have come to an end while others will be ongoing, but for all students, the notion of being a global citizen is now etched in the minds of our future leaders.

We wish you all a very relaxing break and we hope our students get a chance to rest and recharge their learning batteries before we return for Term 4 and close out the year. Before then take a moment to reflect on the last couple of exciting weeks with a recap from each year group.

This week Kindergarten completed their English unit on Fairy tales by creating their very own Gingerbread Man that they enjoyed. Through this activity, they explored how to write a simple procedure. For Maths, they enjoyed creating many different patterns to prepare for number patterns in future years. Our Science unit of “What’s It Made of?” wrapped up with the students designing and making a boat for the Gingerbread Man to cross the river safely. The students enjoyed creating their boats out of recycled materials and testing them to see if they could float without sinking or taking in water. We met Ricky Resilience in our Care and Wellbeing program where he talked about recognising our feelings and learning how to manage them. Finally, the Kindergarten students completed their Deep Learning Project by finishing and packaging their Christmas decorations to sell to raise money for the Samaritans to be able to buy presents for children less fortunate than themselves. Their efforts raised over $200.

Year 1
Year 1 have grown their brains in so many ways over the past couple of weeks. We have been learning about time and how to read digital and analogue clocks, creating Aboriginal artworks, editing and publishing our narratives and investigating how temperature can change materials like spaghetti and chocolate. The highlight of the week was meeting with Beth from the Samaritans. Using the company ute, she transported all of the non-perishable food and toiletries donations back to the Samaritans, where the donations filled the storeroom! She was overwhelmed with the generosity of the entire College community – thanks again to all who donated and helped us learn that a little bit of kindness can go such a long way.

Year 2
Year 2 have finished the term strongly with lots of hands-on activities to wrap up their learning. In writing, students have finished writing the adventures in their magic dictionary story and published them into small books with illustrations. They have enjoyed the journey of writing a narrative and then publishing them. In Mathematics students have been looking at volume and capacity. They used informal units such as water and sand to measure the capacity of different containers. Students also used mathematical language to describe the volume of water in different containers. In Science, they have been learning about water and how to use water responsibly. Students were given the challenge to create a water-saving device out of recycled materials, that would also alert someone that water was being wasted. In Geography, students have been learning about Australian landmarks in the different states and territories and the importance of connection to a place. Students created a PowerPoint to demonstrate their understanding of significant places in Australia, their location and importance. Finally, students finished their Deep Learning project and have put together a comfort pack for people in our community who are homeless. They have worked tirelessly to produce a comfort pack with blankets, pillowcases, teddies and finger puppets. They have all worked collaboratively in their groups and have learnt some new skills along the way.

Year 3
This fortnight, Year 3 has been busy finishing off many units of work. Students were eager to hear how our novel, Bungawitta, came to an end. They were delighted to find out that the fictitious town received much-needed rain and had a successful Mud Sculpture Festival.

In Maths, we have focused on Australian Money and began a short inquiry, investigating where money comes from and how it has changed over the years.

Year 3 has had the pleasure of participating in AFL during our sports sessions at the end of this term. We have been working hard on our passing and kicking skills and improving every week! This week we were ready to put all our hard work to the test in some fun games including kickball, a game of AFL, and rats and rabbits. After AFL this week, we even had time to enjoy some games in the Primary Courtyard where we worked on being inclusive, hand-eye coordination and other fun ball skills. We loved playing putt-putt golf with Mr Coulson, trying our hand at the bean bag toss, playing handball and practising our racket skills with our friends.

Seeing other students Deep Learning projects was a highlight this week. What a fantastic way to end the Term! Year 3 were excited to share their journey with others and loved seeing the way different groups had chosen to help the community. We can’t wait to see what projects are produced in the future.

Year 4
Throughout the term, Year 4 has been investigating inclusion through their global citizen project. We have been exploring visual impairment and blindness and examining our big question, “How can you see with your hands?”

To this end, students have been able to produce a number of picture books for the visually impaired and some tactile books for the blind. The project has not only allowed students to connect and support with The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children but also develop empathy and awareness of those that are different and how we can support and include others.

Year 5
It is all about Collaboration in Year 5 at the moment. Not only have students been developing these skills during Deep Learning, but they have also been collaborating on a presentation for Science and Technology. They have researched a variety of desert-dwelling plants and animals to create a presentation using ICT, complimented by a speech they will present to their peers in Week 10. It has been wonderful to see the communication and teamwork skills applied by all students, and their willingness to support and encourage each other along the way. Students have been applying creativity and critical thinking to write an information report on a rainforest of our choice. They will present their text in a poster, inclusive of images and maps. We have had a blast this term and look forward to enjoying our last week sharing our learning with each other.

Year 6
Year 6 have been wrapping up the term with a ‘work tough till the end’ mindset. They have displayed great persistence in assessment tasks and completing the many units studied over the term. We are all very proud of the effort and dedication all students applied to their Deep Learning Tasks and we cannot wait to share these with our school community.

In Geography students have been working towards solving the question, ‘How can we share what we know about Asia so that our community knows more about the world’s largest continent?’ Students chose to showcase their learning in a range of short and very engaging films about the different aspects of Asia that they had learnt. Film topics included: basic language skills, food across Asia, flags and their history, famous landmarks and fun facts.

In science students created their own light-up model house. In groups, they designed the circuits needed and used equipment to ensure their model house had a working light, a switch and a motor component. Designs were very creative and students loved making their own homes.

Mark Durie
Head of Junior School