This week in Kindergarten the students have been making connections across Key Learning Areas. They are observing and remarking on how our Science and Health lessons are overlapping in terms of healthy foods and where they come from. We enjoyed a virtual supermarket tour and visited the farm through some clever ‘George the Farmer’ videos. It is also lovely to see the children identifying healthy food in their lunch box and commenting on whether it comes from a plant or animal!

Our Year 1 Rock Stars have been working on their musical talents of late. They enjoyed making guitars and learning about how we can alter our pitch and volume. The celebrations continued in History as we learnt about more festivals around the world, and the meanings behind them. During Maths lessons, it has been interesting to see some budding entrepreneurs rear their heads as we learnt all about money. I am sure that some parents can attest to the fact that their child knows a great deal about this topic already!

We certainly have been busy in Year 2. Over the past couple of weeks we have completed a Mathematics unit on ‘Position’ and have begun to look at ‘Patterns’. Students have continued to demonstrate their growing ICT skills by uploading a range of patterns to Seesaw, and used the applications tools to label their patterns. We have enjoyed learning about prepositions and are now looking at persuasive texts, and trying to include lots of high modality words in our writing.

In Week 8, Year 3 explored the topic of Time in Mathematics and differentiating between analogue and digital time. The concept of time and History has linked together as we have looked at communities and change that has occurred over time. We studied historical places in Newcastle such as Nobby’s Beach, the Newcastle Ocean Baths, Hunter Street and the Newcastle Post Office. It was fascinating looking at ghost towns in Australia and the few homes or pubs that are still standing. The boys loved the olden day cars that were spotted in many of the images. Their illustrations were fantastic.

In STEM, the students are creating their own game with the guidance and expertise of Mr Youman, who also organises our Christian Studies lesson, and this week we learnt about David and Goliath. The students had the opportunity to create a launcher on the Minecraft Education app. They were all absorbed in the activity. Thank you, Mr Youman.This week, we will be finishing off outstanding topics and concepts in our curriculum and looking forward to watching the movie ‘Storm Boy’.

In the ‘You Can Do It’ program held during tutor time, students are learning about putting their values of kindness, respect and consideration into action both in the classroom and playground. This coming week, we will look at friendships and how to be a good friend to others. Students are reminded that as we approach the end of term, they are expected to finish strong and tidy up their tote trays and lockers before starting the July break.

Rock & Roll! This week concluded some of Year 4′s key explorations into Geology, that we have been undertaking in Science throughout this term. Students showed their knowledge of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks as well as applying this knowledge to a study on weathering and erosion, through examining what the future might hold for the remaining Twelve Apostle Rock Formations. Diagrams, dioramas, posters and games have allowed children to develop a ‘rock solid’ understanding of geology and enjoy exploring further into the Earth’s crust, local soil and rock formations.

Year 5 have enjoyed learning about Binary numbers in Science and Technology and how they are used in digital systems. In Mathematics, students have been experimenting with volume and capacity. Many were very excited to receive their pen licences this week after showing dedication and persistence in Handwriting. They also created a ‘Weather Warrior’ poem in Writing, where they used similes and metaphors to make their writing more descriptive. Year 5 students had fun participating in their modified Athletics events during Sport this week, and look forward to the events happening in Week 9.

This week Year 6 have been investigating the driving question, ‘How can we welcome refugee and migrant children to Newcastle?’ This coincides with our History topic, ‘Migration’ as well as National Refugee Week 2020. Students have been busy designing: welcome kits with toys, essential stationery supplies for school, basic language lessons, translated letters that give information about Newcastle, as well as much more. In order to help welcome children who come to Australia as refugees, the children have shown and developed empathy, citizenship and character. In Mathematics, we have learnt about the Cartesian plane. We put our skills to the test with a 6LMc vs 6KH giant Cartesian Plane Challenge, kindly organised by Mrs Smith. In Science this week, Year 6 students explored combining materials to create reversible and irreversible changes, thoroughly enjoying learning about Elephant Toothpaste.

Angela Hollingsworth
Head of K-2

Leah McNab
Head of 3-6