Primary students have really enjoyed learning more about our Indigenous cultures during our recent Reconciliation Week activities.  You may have seen the orange hands in the garden near the Karn Street entrance to the College.  These hands symbolised that we are all individual people, but we are all ‘In This Together’, embracing this year’s theme.  It was lovely to hear some of our Indigenous students share their personal experiences and family history within their classes as well.  Whilst we are unable to participate in our usual Athletics Carnival off campus this year, students have been involved in a range of athletics events during their usual Sport time. Here is a summary of what primary students have been involved in over the past fortnight:

Kindergarten have enjoyed celebrating Reconciliation Week: learning about our shared histories, cultures and achievements, and exploring how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.  We made amazing ‘feet bunting’ for our bag room, to remind us we’re all in this together.  ‘Planting’ our hands in the garden was another lovely way to commemorate. We have enjoyed measurement activities to compare the area of shapes, and begun learning about labelling and information reports during writing tasks. With our Science focus on living things, we are really delving deep as active learners.

Year 1 have spent the last week embracing two of our favourite things – pizza and chocolate!  Well, we also learned a few things about fractions along the way, including recognising halves, quarters and even eighths. Parents, feel free to test your child’s knowledge the next time you are cutting up fruit (or more importantly, dividing a pizza or a block of chocolate into equal shares).  It is lucky we have such amazing parents in Year 1, as students have been making home-made harmonicas (with guitars to come) to help consolidate our understanding of sound.  Who doesn’t love a bit of mood music at the dinner table?

Time seems to be flying now that Year 2 are back in the classroom!  Students thoroughly enjoyed contributing to some thoughtful discussions about Reconciliation Week as well as doing a range of art and craft activities. We have been completing multiplication and division tasks in Maths, using a range of strategies including groups of, arrays and repeated addition and subtraction. Students are also adding to their ‘comprehension toolbox’, learning how to effectively ask questions before, during and after reading a text.

Year 3 have had a very settled and hardworking week as they approached a challenging set of assessments.  The week has been scattered with other interesting lessons, including videos of the SpaceX’s 1st astronaut launch, which is NASA’s most-watched online event.  It was fascinating discovering the inside of the space station and funny seeing how they go to the toilet!  Imagine being up in space for six months working in the space station.

We have followed Reconciliation Week and the students enjoyed decorating their hands and ‘planting’ them in the College garden.  The classes have read ‘Black Fella White fella’ and reflected, after hearing the story, on how we are different and the same.  Mrs Demmocks also selected some worthwhile texts for use in our library time.

In Sport, we have started preparing for some athletics events by learning and practising the skills of high jump, shot put and turbo javelin.  This will be continued next week, and we will add the skills of starting races, sprinting and discus throwing.

It is lovely having everyone back in our classrooms and we are having lots of fun learning together.

Reconciliation Week concluded this week and Year 4 enjoyed spending our tutor time learning about Aboriginal history and gaining a greater understanding of reconciliation.  Classes examined bush tucker, aboriginal art, created themed feet and hands, and examined our own definition of this year’s theme, ‘In This Together.’  Students also enjoyed the collaboration of being part of something bigger than just the classroom and working with other classes to place our work around the College and viewing other schools and groups celebrating the event.

Year 5 have been delving into digital systems through our Science and Technology unit.  Students created surveys for their classmates to fill in and gathered data to drive decision making.  They explored Area through various resources and created digital theme parks in Minecraft using scale.  Students have been practising their skills ahead of modified athletics afternoons held in Week 8 and 9.  They have been appreciating the luxuries of modern life as we learn that digging for gold and striking it rich on the goldfields was not as simple as it seemed!

Year 6 commemorated National Reconciliation Week.  We recognised and talked about how important it is to build positive and respectful relationships with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Students researched and discussed poignant decisions and moments in history, such as the Mabo Decision and 1967 Referendum.  They learnt about the Stolen Generation, and wrote a biography on Adam Goodes.  Students discussed the importance of learning about Australia’s shared history, and how we can each contribute to reconciliation in Australia.

In other learning areas, Year 6 built on concepts in geometry, such as how to accurately construct a circle using a compass, and how to measure and construct angles using a protractor.  Students wrote biographies on famous sports players, and presented their work to their peers, confidently speaking in front of the group.  In Science, Year 6 are learning to conduct fair tests, investigating how variables can affect the outcome of an experiment.

Angela Hollingsworth
Head of K-2

Leah McNab
Head of 3-6