On behalf of the Primary Teachers, we would like to wish all our families the very best for the Christmas holidays. It has been a very different year in education, but our students rose to the challenges they faced with confidence and resilience. Enjoy the break and we can wait to do it all again in 2022. God Bless.


What a year it has been! We have been truly impressed by the growth and resilience Kindergarten students have shown this year. Kindergarten enjoyed a number of end-of-year celebrations including Pirate Day, Water Fun Day, and Motiv8 Sport sessions. We would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Kindergarten families for their support across an exciting yet unique year of learning. Have a wonderful Christmas break!

Year 1

What an amazing end to the year the ONE-derfuls have had! The students were so excited that they renamed the final week of school ‘EPIC WEEK’! It kicked off with a water day extravaganza and it was so amazing to see the kids draw on their You Can Do It skills to get through the activities. They needed organisation to have all of their swimming belongings packed; confidence to ride the big slide into a small pool at the bottom; persistence and getting along skills during the sponge wars; and not to mention resilience when faced with some very trying challenges during the activities! Epic Week continued with Year 1 Christian Studies plays being performed under the guidance of Mr. Durie in front of a live audience – we definitely have some megastars in the making! And the week continued with class parties, discos, and non-stop fun. Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Dyball, Mrs. Hurrell, Mrs. Hollingsworth, Mrs. Herron, Mrs. Barrett and Miss Woolmer would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Year 1 boys and girls for the amazing efforts they have shown this year. We are all so proud of you and will miss you very much.


Year 2

have been working hard to complete this year with a bang. Our writing unit has been a blast with many procedures being written prior to creating hand-drawn Christmas cards, craft roll Santas, and the cutest wool beanies you ever did see! We have been doing lots of shopping and finding the change from a variety of amounts, large and small. This Semester finished with a hugely popular ‘Water Fun Day’, which included a massive inflatable slide, Slip ‘n Slide, and sponge water fight. Mr. Clarkson proved the most popular target, possibly because of his outstanding Christmas rashie! Year 2 has been learning about the value of ‘giving’ in Christian Studies, and our exceptional number of donations to the Samaritans’ Christmas Appeal was hugely appreciated.

Year 3

The end of the year has arrived, and it is a time of thankfulness. We reflect on the past year and all that has happened and how we have managed to come through smiling. Our students have grown in stature and maturity and are ready for the transition into Year Four. We have continued to learn through the past fortnight and text-books are completed and coming home.

Swimming finished last week, and the students showed progress and stamina even in a month. The fun Water Slide Day was a happy time to splash in the water and the students expended their energy climbing up the slide to rush down to the other side into the pool, sliding on their tummies on the slippery dip and throwing wet sponges at one another.

We have learnt about shadows, reflections, and silhouettes in science and had created shadow puppets to entertain each other with a show. Dragons were a feature! Crafting in paper was enjoyed where Christmas decorations and snowflakes were cut and glued.

During the final week, we watched ‘Indian in the Cupboard’, a magical story of adventure and intrigue. We celebrated the achievements of those accepting sporting awards as well as those receiving academic awards at Speech Day. The classes finished the year with a party and games. It has been a roller coaster year but very rewarding, nonetheless.

Year Three staff thank all the parents and students for the year and wish everyone good health and a Merry Christmas and a very happy and safe festive season.

Year 4

This Summer Australia finds itself thrust into a La Niña weather cycle so be prepared for a wetter than normal holiday season. This week Year Four embraced La Niña and had a much wetter than usual Monday. As a celebration for the end of term we slipped, sprayed, slid, and got very wet, all to celebrate the end of the school year. COVID restrictions still had us in classes instead of holding an entire school event, but it was a fabulous way to say goodbye to this year, and fun was had by all.

Year 5

have really made the most of the last couple of weeks of school. For Writing, they collaborated in groups and used their creativity to design a Food Truck that included a logo, a slogan, food menu, recipes, and some very creative designs. Students continued revising over their procedure writing this week by delving into rocky road making with Miss Gillespie who has been in 5RE on her University placement. It has been an absolute pleasure to have Miss Gillespie join us on Year Five and we wish her all the best in her future career of teaching. Another highlight from the past week was, of course, the BTAC Water Day held on Monday. Students enjoyed spending some quality time with their peers on some fantastic water slides. Year Five has had a blast this year. 2021 has been another challenging but memorable year for us all. Our Year Five students have blown us away with their resilience and their positive attitude. We have enjoyed many laughs and fun moments together and hope the students have a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas with their family and friends.

Year 6

have made it to the end of their Primary journey and have accomplished this with compassion, respect, and love for each other. The graduates were celebrated last week when they attended their Year 6 Graduation. The hall was adorned in all things Hollywood-themed to celebrate the stars they are. There were many laughs, dancing, great food, and a few tears here and there (the teachers had the tissues at hand for themselves). They were reminded of all of their memories that were made over the years through the digital presentations organised by their teachers, and their celebratory digital dance performance was a massive hit. For those who would like to watch the Year 6 Graduation, you can still access this on CALEB. All teachers would like to thank the students for their persistence and resilience over the past year. We would also like to thank the parents for all of their support in another uncertain year. You should all be very proud of your young men and women.


We can not wait to hear all about their accomplishments throughout secondary school. They have all been such a pleasure to teach and will be missed greatly.


Mark Durie
Head of Junior School