We are so very excited to be welcoming all of our students back into the classroom.  The anticipation after so many weeks of absence is obvious!  We understand that for some students it is going to be an adjustment returning to a formal setting and we intend introducing the return of the week with some calm talking, sharing time and ‘togetherness’.  It will be a chance to reconnect, laugh, enjoy the companionship of others and have fun playing at recess and lunch.  This ties in nicely with the Reconciliation Week (Wednesday 27th May to Wednesday 3rd June), with this year’s theme ‘In This Together’.  Being back at school will give us the opportunity to communicate, collaborate and participate in learning experiences again.  We would like to thank parents who have guided their children at home with their learning and we appreciate that it has not always been easy.

Staff loved welcoming back Kindergarten students on their special House days last week.  The children are enjoying seeing their friends and returning to school routines.  We have been learning new sounds and building words with them.  During Maths activities, we have been investigating equal groups and making fair shares.  During our Well-Being lessons we continue to think about being like ‘Oscar Organisation’.  We are amazed by the effort from parents and children to work remotely, and are so proud of the independence we are seeing in the students as they return to school.

Year 1 are loving their Science lessons this term – who knew light and sound could be so interesting!  The students (and staff) had their minds blown by a simple light refraction experiment, showing how light bends when it hits water.  We are also investigating different celebrations around the world.  Some students shared their personal experiences of Diwali, with some classrooms even displaying fairy lights on the ceiling.  This week sees our Muslim students celebrating Eid.  Deema from 1AH was even kind enough to bring in some gifts for her teachers and friends, thank you Deema!

Year 2 students have continued to show their resilience and perseverance as they have been returning to school more frequently over the last couple of weeks.  It has been so lovely to see all of their faces in person.  We have continued learning about forms of communication and enjoyed looking at Morse Code and making our own Semaphore flags.  We have also been hearing some wonderful pieces of News from students during our daily Zoom catch ups.  More recently, Year 2 students have been using their visualising skills to imagine animals such as dragons and sharks, and have then been describing in detail these creatures, as well as drawing them.

In Year 3, the week ahead brings the usual spelling, grammar, reading strategies and comprehension but we will be introducing Dreaming Stories and students will have the opportunity to write their own stories.  We will continue with our investigation into day and night.  In History we look at the changes in communities and follow the story of ‘Storm Boy’ and his pelican Mr Percival. The students are certainly looking forward to Band and outdoor P.E.

It has been wonderful having the Year 4 children back at their desks and seeing all of the smiling faces in the classroom.  As we continue to explore Australian History in Year 4, it has been interesting to be part of history and not just studying it, but we are all relieved to be back.  Although no one is missing Zoom Pictionary, Team Meetings, Bad Joke Friday or Mr Russell’s backgrounds yet, in a few weeks it will be forgotten and students will be asking to use their iPads again.

To say Year 5 were a little excited to see their friends again would be a huge understatement.  Students have relished in the opportunity to engage in their learning amongst their peers once again. They have begun looking at the Gold Rush and how it shaped Australia as we see it today. Students are learning the art of poetry and have created some entertaining pieces modelled on the rhyming couplets method Roald Dahl employs in his ‘Dirty Beasts’ poems.  Year 5 were extremely excited to get back to playing some modified sport and PE against peers. We look forward to another great week as we head towards the middle of the year.

It has been wonderful to see our Year 6 students return to the classroom, eager to move forward with their learning and excited to be among friends again. They have been wonderful helpers at Kiss and Ride of a morning, assisting in walking younger students to their classrooms and should be commended on their efforts.  Within the classroom and during History, we have continued to investigate how people have come to live in Australia, either as migrants or refugees. We have heard many fascinating stories of people that came during the ‘Populate or Perish’ campaign, post the Second World War, as well as people who have arrived as refugees, including comedian Anh Do.  In Health, we have been thinking about the connections to our community, including the clubs we belong to and the organisations we know and support.  In Maths, we focused on fractions and decimals and how to create surveys in order or collate accurate data and information.  Within English we continue to study the novel Little Brother, delving further into the times where the Khmer Rouge ruled Indonesia.

Angela Hollingsworth
Head of K-2

Leah McNab
Head of 3-6