As we move closer to the end of the year, teachers are finalising the student reports that will summarise the academic and personal development for Semester 2. Due to Covid-19 and the subsequent movement of schools to an online learning model, the report has been amended from our usual format. The report conveys areas within our curriculum that have been offered to students during this time and general feedback on your child’s engagement.

Taking into consideration the different circumstances at home, understandable variances in student engagement, and the inability to hold our usual pre, formative and summative assessments, our Semester 2 reports for this year will not include the traditional A to E grades. Teachers have been able to identify academic growth and development, so a three-tier model has been developed to demonstrate student achievement under the unique learning environment we experienced in Semester 2. No child or parent should experience anxiety regarding a judgment on progress under such conditions. Instead, we see this as an opportunity to congratulate all our students on their resilience and the positive attitude they have shown throughout the semester.

End-of-year awards to be acknowledged on speech day have also been modified to reflect Semester 2’s learning experience. Each class teacher will allocate the following five awards:

Academic Excellence x3; for students who have produced high-quality work both at home and at school throughout the year. They completed all set work both at home and at school to the highest standard, strived, and worked hard for academic excellence.

Academic Engagement x1; for students who are dedicated and engaged with all lessons across all KLA’s. They contribute to class discussions and are actively involved in group lessons to the best of their abilities. They accept the rights of others to learn and complete every lesson and task to the best of their abilities. They completed all set tasks to their own highest standard and have demonstrated growth in their learning throughout the year.

Service Award x1; students in recognition of outstanding qualities of leadership, positive attitudes, co‐operation, reliability and trust, and consideration towards others.


Kindergarten students, along with the entire College, stopped their lessons at 11 am on 11th November to remember the soldiers who fought in the First World War. We also watched a short, animated video that helped us understand why people wear a poppy on Remembrance Day. We enjoyed making these beautiful poppy artworks.

Year 1

Year 1 are poets and they didn’t even know it! The ONE-derfuls have been learning about different styles of poetry and have even tried their hand at composing their own poems. Although a little bit challenging for some, the ‘I Am’ poems encouraged the students to use their imaginative side and reflect on themselves and their emotions. We then turned our attention to some ‘Shape’ and ‘Diamante’ poems. Diamante poems required the students to think of 2 opposite topics that  and compare them in a way that represents the shape of a diamond. Some of the creative topics included winter and summer; night and day; mouse and elephant; apple and banana; and even superhero and villain!

Year 2

Have had a great fortnight getting back into school routine in the classroom learning environment. In English, we have continued to read our novel ‘George’s Marvelous Medicine’, and have been thinking about how some of the substances in George’s medicine might react to each other, using our knowledge from our Science topic. We have begun to put our understanding of procedural structure and language into practice by creating Christmas craft procedures. Students have then followed their own procedures to make a piece of Christmas craft. This has been a lot of fun and has really made us think about how specific our instructions really need to be. In Mathematics this fortnight, we have been looking at money, finding combinations to make particular amounts, adding money together, and giving change. We also had some students bring in currency from different countries which sparked great interest and discussion. In Geography we moved to look at Fraser Island as a World Heritage Listed Site and assessed the significance of the Butchella people to Fraser Island. Science saw more hands-on experiences where students looked at how to separate substances after they had been mixed and what tools would be appropriate for different types. We enjoyed celebrating the Out of Uniform Day this week, getting ready for another warm summer.

Year 3

It has been all hands on deck this past week, or so, as the Year 3 students have been exploring HEAT and the energy it can create. It all started with an inquiry into How Popcorn Pops! I can’t wait to see where it goes next… We have sadly now completed the Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane which was a beautiful story that took both students and teachers on a roller coaster ride. It was all about a special china rabbit that taught us to be thankful for what you have and to be aware of your feelings in a variety of settings. Our swimming lessons as per the Sport program have begun successfully with all participating students buoyantly enjoying the time at West Wallsend swimming pool. As we move towards the last few weeks of 2021 (where has the time gone?) we are reinforcing many of the concepts we have studied over the course of both semesters in Mathematics and Literacy. Given the interruption of online learning, it has been encouraging to see our Year 3 students settle back into positive routines in our classrooms.

Year 4

Splish, Splash, It’s Summer Again

Year Four, along with the rest of primary, were blessed to have Mr. Eddy somehow find a way to squeeze in a swimming program this year. With lockdowns, pool closures, and cancelled lessons it has never been more important for children to get a refresher on their swimming before the glorious summer months. The complaining stopped as soon as children realised that the pool was indoor and heated and nothing but fun has been had since. Children have been revising swimming strokes, remembering the basics, doing laps, playing games, jumping, splashing, kicking, and enjoying every minute.

Year 5

It has been a busy fortnight in Year 5! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Farming Convention last week, where students presented their research and persuaded their audience to be environmentally sustainable with insect farming. In Geography, the students have been continuing to look at the impact of Bushfires on our environment and have been learning the best way to prepare for a bushfire. They created a ‘Quick Tips’ card to go on their fridge at home for their families to follow in preparation for a bushfire. In Literacy, we delved into procedural texts and began designing a food truck company. Students have embraced their creativity to design a menu, recipes, and a 3D model of their company food truck. It has been wonderful to be able to venture into our community every Thursday for our swimming program. The students have really enjoyed strengthening their swimming strokes and splashing around in the water with their friends. They have also enjoyed learning some valuable skills in the pool, just in time for summer!


Year 6

have had a very productive two weeks, enjoying their last days here in the Primary School, busily preparing their final presentations for the school community at their graduation. In English, students have used their narrative writing skills to write short and engaging picture books for a younger audience. In Mathematics students have continued to be challenged using the Math Pathway program, completing daily modules and  energisers. This week in Science, Year 6 have continued to learn how data is processed and how computer networks connect. To consolidate this understanding, they have begun using Scratch to program a fun and engaging Christmas game. In Geography, students have been collaborating to design and make products that improve a global connection Australia has that has been affected by the pandemic. Health lessons have centered around students assessing how much physical activity they do in a week, making goals and designing ways to become more physically active.

Congratulations to Kosta T who had a very successful weekend of Water Polo, playing in both U14 and U16 competitions in Newcastle and Sydney representative teams. Well done!

Mark Durie
Head of Junior School