As we move through the term we are at the stage where we start to explore and build the foundations of support for our students as they transition into their next year of schooling. The key to a successful transition is resilience and confidence as the student is exposed to new teachers’ new content and sometimes new friends. We have seen firsthand this year the high level of resilience our students have shown during the home learning period. Our teachers did a wonderful supporting the students as they guided them, giving them the opportunity to build their own confidence and resilience as they faced new learning challenges. We also can’t forget about the wonderful support of our parent community who worked with us to get us to where we are today. It’s this same collaboration that we will rely on to help us guide our decision-making, and supports the students as they transition into their next year. Teachers are starting to look at grouping the students for next year. They consider the learning and personal strengths of each student and group them with others who will complement each other and hopefully respond well to the teaching strengths of our staff. It’s a long process but by taking the time to consider the different options we usually get it right.

For our Kindergarten 2022, our Kindy teachers will be visiting the preschool over the coming weeks to complete observations on students transitioning to our Kindy. We are still hopeful we can run an onsite transition visit as we continue to monitor the advice from government health officials.

We are in a similar position with our Year 6 transitioning to Year 7 and are hoping we can run some sessions later in the year. To complement any further potential visits, next week there will be an online Q&A session for parents and students.

Mrs. Buckley from KLB has finished up for the year and starts her maternity leave. We wish her all the best and we can’t wait to meet her new addition. Mrs. Gemma Smith will continue in the class and will cover for Mrs. Buckley for the rest of the year.

Teachers have begun the academic reporting process for Semester two. Due to the disruption home learning caused, the report will be in a different format this semester but more information about this will be shared in the next bulletin.


Ahoy there!!! Kindergarten has been getting pirate-y in English and Geography this term. They have been reading and following procedures. The children are becoming experts at identifying verbs and working on their listening skills as they made some amazing telescopes, pirate hats, and treasure maps.

Blimey! Check out the photos of the scallywags😊

Year 1

The ONE-derfuls have had another fabulous fortnight of learning. The boys and girls produced some creative and colourful Chalk Art pieces for the Year 1 Chalk Art competition. They were thrilled to receive a prize for their efforts, with Millie S. and Ashran taking out the major prizes! We have loved developing our persuasive skills of late, learning how to use high modality words to convince others. Sorry parents, who’d have thought that your child arguing to get out of chores or to have dessert would have been a legitimate homework task?! According to our 7-year-old sources, many have put forward some great arguments and come up with the goods. The students have been eager to learn about different seasons and clothing around the world, and are developing a great understanding of more complicated 3D objects and their properties. During Health lessons, we have been learning all about what to do in an emergency. The kids know what to do at school in case of an emergency, do you have an emergency plan at home?

Year 2

have loved being back at school, playing with their friends on the playground, and getting back into a routine in the classroom. In English, we have begun to read our novel ‘George’s Marvelous Medicine, which has provided much entertainment. We are currently finishing off our last InitiaLit lessons, which will see the students finish the Kindergarten to Year 2 program. In Mathematics, students have been focusing on the number strand, assessing three-digit numbers and ordering them in ascending and descending order. They have also learnt to round to the nearest 10 and 100. The return to Science, saw the students move straight into hands-on experiments, making predictions about what would happen as substances were mixed and then finding out how they reacted with one another. In Geography we have moved on to look at the World Heritage Site Uluru, with students conducting research on the site and completing some art and craft activities. In Health, Year 2 has continued to look at healthy eating choices, assessing their lunch box to see how healthy they are eating during the school day. It has been great to see so many smiling faces back at school and we can’t wait for the next couple of weeks of learning before students move into Stage 2.

Year 3

This fortnight has seen Year 3 wrap up their Geography unit by creating marvelous displays of their research on Australia’s neighbours. It was great to see students get creative, using lift tabs and various 3D images to add interest to their poster designs. We have now moved on to our Science unit, Heat, Light, and Electricity. Students enjoyed the fresh smell and salty taste of popcorn as they began to look at the way heat can affect various items, such as the popcorn kernel. We also explored the ‘Earth oven’ and looked at how it has been used to cook food, as well as similarities and differences to the ovens we use today.

It was wonderful to be able to venture into our community for sport again, with the beginning of our swimming program. Students enjoyed having a splash in the water while learning some valuable life skills. The timing could not have been better as we have also been discussing water safety in Health!

Year 4

Masked, socially distanced and in new playgrounds, the College feels a bit different now that we are back but what a relief it is to be in the classroom. It has been fabulous getting our students back into their chairs, working at their desks, and meeting without a screen between us. Students have revelled in the social aspects of schooling but also in picking up novels again and completing tasks with their peers and teachers nearby to help. It has been such a delight to have all of our students back, ready to learn and enjoy their time together.

Year 5

Over the past fortnight, students have thoroughly enjoyed being back at school. Year 5 is busy working on their Farming Convention Stall, where they are working collaboratively to research and compare insect farming to other types of farming. In Literacy, we delved into procedural texts, where students wrote and edited a procedure about how to make balloon rockets. Year 5 then used their procedures to construct their own rocket. In Geography, they are creating a fire management brochure, identifying how to protect homes and local areas from bushfires. Students dived right into a sport, with swimming lessons at West Wallsend Pool. Students loved getting into the pool and it was a perfect way to cool down on these warmer days.

Year 6

Over the past week, Year 6 has continued to study Anthony Brown’s texts and the visual literacy techniques used within them. Students have begun to create their own picture books using digital platforms to begin publishing their stories, showcasing their technology skills in a creative manner. Within Mathematics, Year 6 continues to increase their maths skills and knowledge through the use of the Math Pathways platform. Students have also been revising Stage 3 content before moving off to Secondary school next year.

In Geography we have continued to learn about the global connections that Australia has with the world. We have investigated trade, tourism, migration, and aid. Students have begun working in groups in order to find ways that can help our global connections that have been affected by the pandemic. Some ideas include tourism campaigns for regional Australia, fundraising for UNICEF to provide vaccines for our neighbouring countries, and creating Covid Safe kits for countries in need. In Health, students have been learning about the benefits of community sport and the advantages of physical activity. In Science, Mr. Gardiner spent time with each Year 6 class, engaging students with interactive demonstrations explaining how computer networks talk to each other. Within PE lessons, students have been getting their groove on, learning a dance they will hopefully be showcasing at the end of Year 6 celebration.


Mark Durie
Head of Junior School