It was wonderful to be able to end the term with our new House Spirit Cup day activities. Fitting for what could only be described as a turbulent term, the theme was Resilience and it was a chance to recognise and celebrate the resilience our students have shown over the term.

Without warning in August we were thrown into lockdown but the staff and our parents without fuss prepared the students within hours to make the transition to home learning. We recognise it’s been tough for everyone but the resilience everyone has shown has been uplifting.

If you were unable to watch the live broadcast today, I suggest you grab a cuppa and take a seat to catch up on some fun-filled entertainment via the link in Caleb. A big thank you to those in the local and broader community who took the time to share a message of support for our students. It was great to have so many people congratulate the students on their efforts.

All the best everyone for the holidays and I hope you all get a chance to relax and enjoy the family company. We look forward to the return of students in Term 4 under the direction of the relevant government health authorities.

Kindergarten students have been very busy this week during home learning. It has been full of science and STEM. We completed a Science and Technology project, where students investigated different senses. They enjoyed exploring their senses and finding different materials to match. In STEM, students engaged in a building challenge. They had to make something that could fly, and we loved seeing many paper aeroplanes. Everyone should be so proud of their resilience and persistence during this term. Enjoy your well-deserved break!

Year 1 Well done to all of the wonderful students, parents, and helpers for their outstanding efforts this term. This past week we have been revising various maths concepts learnt over the term, including skip counting and money, and played a lot of maths games in the process. Literacy lessons involved having some quality literature read to the kids, with books such as ‘Isabella’s Bed’ and ‘Migaloo the White Whale’. The students thoroughly enjoyed Science and Geography tasks this week with some even conducting their own experiments at home. Boys and girls even got to test their culinary skills with a Zoom Cooking Class with Mrs Hollingsworth, where they made Chocolate and Coconut Balls. Thanks for an amazing term, Year 1 superstars!

Year 2 Students have finished the term strongly with lots of hands-on activities and submissions to Seesaw. Although it has been a tricky experience, students have finished writing the body and conclusion of their very own ‘Magic Dictionary’ story. Not many people can say they wrote a story during lockdown! They have included some great ‘show don’t tell’ moments and engaged the reader with their scary and crazy problems. This fortnight in Mathematics, we have focused on area, using informal and formal units of measurement to measure the area of our names and areas within our houses. We even created our own Zoo! In Geography we finished the unit by looking at natural and man-made features and built our own Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is great to see that most students can now identify each of the states and territories of Australia and give some information about their capital cities. This last fortnight of school saw a lot of science experiments occurring at home. We explored air and how it takes up space. We made predictions about air pressure and flew some helicopters. A favourite was racing cars down ramps to see the impact a ramp’s angle has on the speed of the car. Year 2 should be so proud of the work they have completed this term during home learning. There have been lots of fun Zoom sessions and one-minute reads. To put it into perspective over 6, 200 pieces of work have been submitted on Seesaw and over 8 hours of class zoom meetings.

Year 3 Week 10 and here we go… Year 3 have continued to embrace the Online learning world with a bounce in their step. We have spent more time looking further into procedural writing, especially how to play checkers and the creation of food. In maths, we have been collecting data and creating graphs to display our findings. Hit the Button and Studyladder have been fantastic online supports to our Maths program offering plenty of extra extension work for all students. Science has moved to investigations regarding the ‘removal of heat’ and how it will change the interactions and the make-up of certain solids. BAND has been a standout this week with all students making some wonderful ‘noise’…sorry music with their teachers online. Thank you to all the students and parents for their support during online learning it has been recognised by all the Year 3 teachers and made our jobs that much more enjoyable. Happy holidays!

Year 4 have been keeping themselves physically and mentally active during lockdown with some incredibly engaging specialist lessons. We would like to thank our amazing specialists who have been able to keep Year Four Students bubbling with creativity and exercise. Artworks with perspectives, virtual Japanese sumo arenas, incredible music lessons, and developing our own lockdown sports.

Year 5 Have continued to immerse themselves into Online Learning with great confidence and determination. We have resumed our usual programs, and we are proud of all students and their abilities to upload their work to Teams and CALEB. This week, Year 5 has delved into assessments! They have been working extremely hard with dedication and persistence to create an informative Rainforest poster and a Powerpoint presentation analysing how an animal or plant survives in a desert biome. Over the past two weeks, our online cooking class and themed tutor meetings have continued. Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed getting in the kitchen to make some delicious treats with their class, and staying connected through our social tutor meetings, from Demin Tuesdays to Tea Party Thursdays. Please congratulate your children for being absolute superstars during this time and we wish you all a safe and restful break. 

Year 6 This week In English students completed reading the novel Blueback and enjoyed discussing the many themes of the book, in particular, sustainability and relationships. We continued to write persuasively and students have written texts linked to Blueback, arguing if Longboat Bay (where the book is set) should be turned into a resort. In Mathematics, Year 6 have worked hard in their Math Pathways programs. Each lesson focuses on an energiser to warm the brain up, individual modules and mini lessons. We have paid closer attention to geometry this week, and investigated cartesian planes and rotational symmetry. We’ve had a busy couple of weeks in Science studying circuits, forms of energy and electricity. It’s been quite interesting to learn about the processes involved in generating and converting energy into the electricity that we’re so dependent on in our homes and everyday lives. In Geography, we have been researching and investigating countries in Asia and the continent as a whole. Students have chosen to study one aspect of Asian culture and create a meaningful presentation. Their main objective is to share what they have learnt so that the community can learn more about the largest continent in the world. As we head towards the holidays it is important that we reflect on the last weeks of online learning and congratulate the students on their persistence and resilience. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank parents for their role in assisting their children’s learning throughout this time.

Mark Durie
Head of Junior School