Thank you to all the parents who have been passing on messages of support and little gifts to our teachers thanking them for their efforts. We really appreciate the support and at the same time recognise that families are going above and beyond to ensure their children continue to learn while at home. You are all doing an amazing job and fingers crossed this doesn’t go on for too much longer.

Thank you to Shea Hafey and her team for organising the Father’s Day gift purchases via the Flexi School App. It was disappointing that our traditional Father’s Day Breakfast could not proceed but comforting to know we were able to give the students an opportunity to recognise their wonderful Dads and everything they do.

Our numbers for kindy 2022 are looking strong and potentially we could have a waitlist if inquiries continue to roll in. If you know of a family interested in enrolling encourage them to visit our website to start the enrolment process before it’s too late. Due to Covid, we are unsure as to what orientation will look like, but we are hoping to run it similar to last year where the new students visited the campus during out-of-school hours. Details will be distributed early next term.

For what it’s worth during lockdown, don’t forget we revert back to Summer uniform from next Monday.

Kindergarten had a blast during Book Week, and all looked amazing in their costumes. Even though we couldn’t have a book parade in person we enjoyed watching the online version. The last couple of weeks during home learning has been very busy and students have been working hard on their writing skills. Every student should be proud of their improving ability to sound out the words they are writing. The Kindergarten Teachers are enjoying all the work that has been uploaded to Seesaw each day. Our bi-weekly Zoom sessions have been a highlight and we enjoy catching up with our friends and playing games with our teachers. It has been a great way to keep connected.

Year 1

This week we welcomed Mr Brin Dyball to the Year 1 teaching team. We are very blessed to have Mr Dyball with us and he is very excited to meet everyone in person once students return onsite. Speaking of students, the ONE-derfuls have been showcasing their amazing skills this week through a range of activities. We have been investigating volume and capacity by doing various experiments at home. Boys and girls have been learning what we need to do to ensure our environment is cared for, including learning about recycling and sustainability. Students were given a stamped envelope inside their learner packs and this week, they used their writing skills to pen a letter to a friend. I wonder if any of the students will receive a letter back in return? Maybe your child could write a letter to a friend or relative they haven’t seen in a while….

Year 2

Students loved the Book Week Parade, seeing all the amazing costumes that their classmates had designed. Year 2 have continued to their ZOOM meetings each week, keenly joining in with the dress-up theme each session. They have continued working on their spelling and grammar, attempting to implement these skills into their writing. Students have written the introduction and ‘build up’ of their “Magic Dictionary” stories, and are including some fantastic ‘show don’t tell’ moments. Over the last fortnight in Mathematics, we have focused on fractions, understanding that fractions need to be equal. We moved on to looking at a fraction of a collection, where there were lots of toys, cars, and Lego pieces split into halves and quarters… not to mention the chocolate! In Geography we have begun to read, ‘Are We There Yet?’ by Alison Lester, looking at the different natural and man-made landmarks they see around Australia and mapping them on our Australian map. In Health, we have finished the unit by looking at the emergency services that assist in the community and when and how to call emergency services. We have also enjoyed some science experiments at home, looking at density and why some objects float, while others sink, and also had fun trying to make a block of plasticine that sank, into a shape that floated.

Year 3

We have settled in quickly to the next phase of our online learning. Thank you to our Parents who have collected new sleeves of work, delivered library books, and continued to support and guide their children with learning in the home setting. The next phase will test everyone’s resolve and resilience to continue working hard and making the most of the time for learning.

We have celebrated the start of Spring by all bringing in flowers from our garden to share. This is a perfect way to recognise the wonder of nature and to appreciate that we live in such beautiful surroundings. The sunshine and clear days are certainly making it easier to cope with the lockdown.


Year 4

Continue to tackle Online Learning with persistence and confidence, working through technical difficulties to forge through our Term Three program. Highlights included the teachers hiding Golden Tickets at the end of random lessons that enabled the finders to participate in a variety of fun challenges, including Minecraft building activities and Kahoot competitions. Being ‘online’ did not stop whole class participation in “Hidden Treasure” and “Battleship” coordinate games, Book Week Quizzes, and group sharing of fun ideas for ‘downtime/off line’ activities to lift our spirits.

Our students have also continued to enjoy Specialist lessons online. This week for Art, Ms McDouall guided the students to create masterpieces based on creating the perception of depth in a landscape. Well done Year 4!

Year 5

Have been making the most of learning from home the past two weeks and have continued to show resilience, perseverance, and determination. In Geography, the students have been learning about different tribal groups that live within rainforests around the world, in particular the Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal Tribe in the Daintree Rainforest. In Health, Year 5 has been learning about different types of changes that can occur in their lives and how they can best manage change and transitions. Last Friday, the students watched the online Book Week Parade from home and enjoyed seeing themselves, and their teachers, dressed in their colourful and creative book week costumes. Over the past two weeks, Mr Eddy, Miss Dean, and Mrs Johns trialed running an online cooking class with their class. 5HD made sausage rolls, 5RE made cakes and 5AJ made Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches. Each class had a lot of fun together sharing their cooking experiences with each other and many families were happy to have some freshly cooked snacks made for them.

Year 6

Technology Champions! Over the last few weeks Year 6 students have proven time and again their resilience, determination, and their ever-increasing technology skills. From sharing their own documents during zoom meetings to creating visual digital representations of the cartesian plane using online apps. Year 6 students are well and truly ready to take on Secondary learning in the technical sense. Students have continued to study and analyse the much loved Blueback novel, complete differentiated learning through minilessons and the Maths Pathway platform for Mathematics lessons and take part in many crazy Kahoot challenges. Year 6 Your teachers are incredibly proud of how well you are doing with your online learning.

In Science, students have continued to learn about electricity and have taken advantage of some fantastic online programs that have helped simulate different types of circuits. We have continued our studies of Asia in Geography and this week students have embarked on an independent project investigating different aspects of the Asian culture. In Health we have been learning about the effects of drugs, alcohol, smoking, and how to say no to these influences.


Mark Durie
Head of Junior School