Well, who can believe we only have a week to go until we finish Term 2 and or semester 1? It has been an actioned packed term with all the students earning the upcoming break to recharge and refresh the learning batteries.

This week we have seen our year 6 students experience their first transition to high school day which started on Wednesday morning with tasty bacon and egg burger to fight off the cold. Over the coming months, the students will participate in a range of activities that will help them identify with the high school surroundings and the life of a high school student. It’s a great opportunity for our year 6 students and will give them a distinct advantage as they get to explore the surroundings and introduce themselves to the teachers and older students. We are also exploring the option of opening some of the high school space at recess and lunch next term for our year 6 students to help with their transition.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been visiting the various instrument ensembles associated with our Wednesday music program. I must say that the level of improvement from the beginning of the year to now is fantastic. All the students are enthusiastic, and I am sure they are very proud of their efforts. In particular, the drumline group has made huge progress and they are not hard to miss as they are so loud! They have recently been introduced to marching while they play which will definitely test their working memory and cross-lateral skills. Overall Mr. Ross, the Head of Performing Arts, is very pleased with the students’ progress and we thank him for his work with this valuable program. We encourage all the students to practice at least half an hour each day especially over the upcoming holidays so we can consolidate and keep improving into term 3. If you would like your child to extend their ability, please contact Mr. Ross to discuss the benefits of private lessons with one of our very talented music tutors.

It was fantastic to see the students extend themselves with their sporting ability throughout the term. It was great to run the athletics carnival at Glendale and even better we could have parents in attendance to cheer on the students. There were a few long-standing records broken and the team to represent us at the next HRIS level should do us proud. A big thank you goes to Mr. Eddy for his time and effort with the sports organisation at the College, not only with the carnivals but with all our sporting activities.

Teachers are currently formatting the end-of-semester reports and they should be available for download from Caleb in the first week of the holidays. Students have worked incredibly hard this semester, so we encourage you to sit down with your child and review their success. A work sample folder will also be sent home which will contain some examples of work completed by your child over the last two terms.

You will notice some minor changes in the report format. Previously we had a section titled “Commitment to Learning” where the student would receive a rating in areas like completing work or listening to the teacher in each subject. We identified similarities with these areas and the Dimensions described in the Deep Learning Framework and have made the decision to rebrand the Commitment to Learning to align with the Deep Learning framework. Previously, we provided the CTL score under each subject, but in the new format, we will provide a rating system to be generalised across all subjects. This is to reflect the changing nature of how the curriculum is delivered through our Deep Learning process where students are exposed to multiple subjects in one project. Early next term parents will have the opportunity to have a parent-teacher meeting either via Zoom or in-person in the classroom. Bookings for these will be made available in week 1 next term.

Finally, on behalf of our wonderful teaching staff which included our amazing learning support team, I would like to wish you all a safe and happy midyear break. We value the partnership we have with our parents to get the best outcomes for our students and we can’t wait to hit the ground running in term 3.

Mark Durie
Head of Junior School