It was wonderful to see all the parents at last week’s sports carnival. The sun was shining, and the students were in fine running form, but most importantly the sportsmanship was there to see for everyone to enjoy. It warmed our hearts to see competitors at the end of each race or field event hug and congratulate each other on their efforts.  As you would be aware by now the electronic timers at the venue malfunctioned and allocated the wrong times during the 100m events. Although we would like to think 8-year-olds could run 100m in 9 seconds, we have decided to re-run the 100m events next Monday. Please see the email from Mr Eddy for more details.

This week we had our first open day since Term 1 last year and it was fantastic to invite prospective parents to tour the College facility. Our Year 6 leaders did a tremendous job leading the groups around and were fine ambassadors. If you know of someone interested in finding more about enrolment encourage them to visit our website for more details. Kindy enrolments for 2022 have already started and I look forward to meeting more families and their little ones over the coming months.

On Wednesday of this week, it was National Sorry Day which gives people the chance to come together and share the steps towards healing for the Stolen Generations, their families, and communities. Each class explored some themes relating to the people and discussions were had as to what we can do as individuals to continue the healing. Next week students will participate in activities relating to Reconciliation Week giving students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the rich aboriginal culture in our wonderful country.


On Wednesday of this week, Kindy got together to have a whole Kindy talk about National Sorry Day. We listened to a few minutes of a kids news Podcast by The ABC explaining the importance of the day, we then read the story “Sorry Day”. KLB demonstrated our daily Acknowledgment of Country to the rest of Kindy.

This afternoon KLB read a second story about how being unkind can leave lasting damage on people’s hearts. After looking at some Aboriginal artwork the children created these beautiful wrinkled hearts.

Year One

Year 1 was very lucky to have two guest speakers come to talk to us about being a police officer. Students were able to ask a variety of questions and view police tools and uniforms. The Year 1 students used this information to create an information report in writing.

We have continued exploring different cultural festivals around the world throughout our History unit. Students have immersed themselves in the topic of creating lanterns, Mandala art, and reading and exploring a variety of enriching texts.

Year 2

Year 2 have been working hard in the classroom, endeavoring to challenge themselves in their learning. Students have finished their unit on the whole numbers in Mathematics and have moved on to using the jump strategy to solve addition and subtraction equations. They are learning to create their own number lines and to jump by multiples to make their work more efficient. Students are also learning that ensuring their work is neat and tidy assists in gaining accurate answers. In Science, students have continued to increase their knowledge on water, completing specific experiments on ‘run off’ and exploring the importance of dams, springs, and bores to access and conserve water. Using this knowledge, they discussed the sequence of the water story, describing how it gets from the sky to our taps, and used their coding knowledge to show their understanding. In History, students have continued to explore communication from the past, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of smoke signals, morse code, and semaphore flags.

In Week 5, Year 2 began their Deep Learning project that is based on their Science unit on water. Through the exploration of literature, students used their collaboration skills and brainstormed some of the problems and common themes found in the picture books, ‘The Flood’ and ‘Drought’ by Jackie French and ‘Two Summers’ by John Heffernan. Once we had shared our ideas, we looked at real-world examples of these problems in our local environment. We will continue on our Deep Learning journey each Monday afternoon to see if we can connect our learning to make a difference in the world.

Year 3 began their ‘Deep Learning Journey’ last week as they started to inquire into how Mathematics is found in different workplace Jobs.  So far we have explored how maths is important for many different professions, as it allows a number of different workers to complete their jobs to the best of their abilities. This week we focused on maths in the food industry, we learned how a Chef needed to understand specific mathematical concepts so they could make a recipe correctly and how restaurants ‘cost’ meals before they are put onto a menu. It has been very interesting so far and who knows where next week will take us???

During History, we have been exploring the relationship Aboriginals have shared with the land and their ‘care for country’ way of life. It has been fascinating listening to the point of view of a number of different Aboriginal elders and Torres Strait Islanders as the Year 3 students have painted a picture in their minds about the links they create from the past to the modern world we all share now. As we head towards the end of Term 2 we will be beginning to create a ‘postcard from the past’ which will explain what we have learned in areas that celebrate our Australian Indigenous cultures.

Year Four has embraced the new band program for 2021 and thriving in extra ensemble groups. Wednesday afternoons our halls are filled with the sounds of strings, woodwind, and drums. Students have the incredible opportunity to play with Year 5 students and work in larger groups to build their musical skills. Staff couldn’t be prouder of students embracing classical songs, national anthems, and sometimes even the Jaws Theme. It is so rewarding watching the children’s skulls develop and the smiles on their faces as it all comes together.

Year Five

On Friday last week, Year Five thoroughly enjoyed meeting the award-winning author and illustrator, Sami Bayly. Students were able to experiment with their creative artistic skills, as Sami Bayly demonstrated how to draw ugly and dangerous animals that are presented in her books. In class, Year 5 has begun looking at the Gold Rush in History and how that shaped Australia as we see it today. In Writing, they are learning the art of poetry and have created some entertaining pieces modeled on the rhyming couplets method Roald Dahl employs in his ‘Dirty Beasts’ poems. This week in Film Studies, students have enjoyed analysing the film techniques and themes shown in the short films ‘Lou’ and ‘Lifted’.  Last Thursday, Students participated in the Athletics carnival. Students had an enjoyable day, and it was great to see the high levels of participation amongst students.

Year 6 has been working towards the end of the term with persistence and resilience. Within English, students continue to construct biographies on a chosen relative and have been honing their typing skills whilst editing their final copies of the assessment. We have journeyed down the Mekong, wandered through a devastated Phnom Penh during Khmer Rouge times, and battled through the Cambodian jungle while following the story of a young boy named Vithi in the novel, ‘Little Brother’. Students continue to amaze their teachers with their innate spelling skills and believe they could challenge Captain Durie to a spelling competition at an upcoming assembly. Within Mathematics, students are working tirelessly to increase their effort, accuracy, and mastery whilst completing energisers, rich tasks, modules, and mini-lessons. Many students are challenging themselves to obtain their set learning goals well and truly before the term’s end. We were delighted to join in with part of Year 1 Sport on Thursday, meeting up with their buddies from last year. It was heart-warming to see the connections and fun had by all students, not to mention the sportsmanship shown by Year 6 in ‘allowing’ Year 1 students to win the games. We have also taken the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful Autumn weather in our Primary Courtyard while completing our daily reading sessions.

Mark Durie
Head of Junior School