Staff and students at the College send out a big congratulations to Mr and Mrs Ezekiel on the safe arrival of their second little boy, Hugo, last week. No doubt big brother Freddy is very excited to have another little boy in the house. We look forward to congratulating Mr Ezekiel in person when he returns from Paternity Leave in coming weeks.

Congratulations again to all of our students for their resilience and persistence of late – we are so proud of the way you have dealt with the changes in recent weeks. This week saw the return of most students to the campus in some capacity, and teachers have been thrilled to see some familiar faces back in the classroom.

Kindergarten have enjoyed staying in touch through Seesaw. There were some amazing obstacle courses designed and completed during PE lessons. Miss Chapman also set a challenge to create a Primary Colour Sculpture. Students have been learning about teen numbers and are excited to use their new sounds to read and write new words.

Year 1 have been investigating different sources of ‘light’ and learning a little bit about how rainbows are made. Students loved creating tall towers and using their STEM skills to attempt Mr Youman’s Dream Car Challenge. Many have also been drawing on their David Attenborough talents by sharing home-made nature documentaries via Seesaw.

Year 2 students have enjoyed developing their coding skills using the Minecraft Education application during STEM lessons. They have been utilising their creativity when designing and building houses and pools. This links closely to their current Science unit, as students are refining their skills when using the Seesaw application. The main focal point during History lessons has been on communication, and how students use different forms of communication to talk to their friends, such as Seesaw and Zoom. They enjoyed sharing and hearing about each other’s favourite board games, and seeing what crazy things their teachers would be wearing in their morning videos.

Year 3 have been very busy washing hands, using hand sanitiser and practising social distancing skills on a daily basis. We have started Term 2 by delving into the world of Storm Boy, a young child growing up on a barren stretch of the South Australian coast line called the ‘Coorong’. It is early days, but we have learnt a great deal about the environment he experiences which is very different from the lives we live in Newcastle. Our Maths has taken us back to consolidate our knowledge of the 4 processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication & division) so we are able to tackle number patterns as this week rolls along.

What is the difference between Day and Night? What about the relationship the Moon has with all of this? More will be revealed as the term moves forward, but we did start by making sundials and recording the movement created by the Sun each hour. History has us learning about the relationship Aboriginals have with our country (Australia) and just this week we have looked at our local language spoken by the Awabakal people.

Year 4 have embraced digital learning this term, exploring Australian History through the multimodal text of My Place. Utilising a combination of the original book by Nadia Wheatley and Donna Rawlins and the ABC television series, students have stepped back into Australia’s history from the perspective of children their own age, one decade at a time. Students have been able to complete writing tasks, Venn diagrams, compare maps, fill out tables, complete comprehension tasks, undertake Kahoot challenges and discuss the rich literacy tasks all through utilising online teaching and learning.

Year 5 have been enjoying learning about the nature of immigration in the 1800’s and why people would leave the country of their birth. Students have challenged themselves to complete quality persuasive writing pieces, inclusive of researched evidence and examples, and uploaded their work to Caleb and Teams for feedback. It has been great to learn new skills and apply them on a daily basis. We have enjoyed collaborating and seeing each other through ZOOM meetings, particularly sharing the riddle and joke of the day. We look forward to seeing each other when it is our day to come in next week.

Year 6 have had a fabulous few weeks completing online learning. Students have been extremely excited to see each other through our daily Zoom meetings. Establishing this digital platform of connectedness has brought many smiles and laughs to our online learning lessons for both students and teachers. Students have taken turns in reading our daily CALEB prayer to start or finish our ZOOM meetings. We have commenced our online Novel Study, ‘Little Brother’, delving into the first few chapters and learning a lot about Cambodia and its history. Within Science students were entertained by Mr Sattler’s and Mrs Hall’s online science lab, creating a slimy mess for all to enjoy. Students then participated by making their own slime at home. Hopefully they cleaned up all their mess. We finished Week 2 with a wonderful Mother’s Day Kahoot challenge. Thank you to all the mums and students who took part in this great event. You were all amazing but a big congratulations to the mother and daughter team who took out the challenge. We are all looking forward to welcoming students back into the College on their ‘house day’ next week.

Angela Hollingsworth
Head of K-2

Leah McNab
Head of 3-6