Welcome back to Term 2 after a restful break with family and friends. We have so much planned for the term so there will be many things to share with you over the coming months.

We are looking forward to our first family event since last year with the Mother’s Day Breakfast to be held in the hall. It starts at 7:30 am so we can’t wait to see you all on-site and enjoy some yummy food and refreshments while listening to some awesome musical performances.

In week 5 our athletics carnival will take place and again it will be great to have parents in attendance to enjoy the experience. Mr Eddy has organised some sprint training for the students and for those who are attending the training session they seem to enjoy it despite the early start.

It is exciting parents are now allowed to access the College campus, but all visitors must report to the office. We are still restricting drop off and pick up entry so we can ensure there are no unauthorised visitors entering the grounds. Students will continue to say goodbye to parents at the gate and enter and leave by themselves. It has been fantastic to see the younger ones develop independence with this process. Over the coming months, individual year groups will ask for parent volunteers to help out in many areas such as reading and sporting groups. Keep an eye on your inbox for further details as the year progresses.

Believe it or not, we have already started our Kindy 2022 interviews. Looking at the history of the Preschool, we have the largest preschool group to date, transitioning to Kindy so we needed to start the process early. We are predicting spots for external enrolments will be limited so if you know of someone who is considering enrolling for Kindy 2022, encourage them to visit the College website now and complete an enrolment application form so they don’t miss out.

Now let’s hear what has been happening in each year group.

Wow! What a fantastic start to kindergarten. Everyone has done a great job settling into their routine and we have learnt so much! So far, we have learnt about ‘Gabby Get-A-long’ during our care and wellbeing program. All students are showing characteristics of a Gabby Get-A-Long when playing in the playground. We have also met our buddies and formed really nice friendships. Our buddies have been a huge part of helping us settle into school life. We have learnt 9 sounds during our InitiaLit spelling program which we can already use to make words.

Year 1
The ONE-derful students have kicked off Term 2 with enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn! They have produced some fabulous recounts of their Easter holidays – trips to the zoo, holidays to Queensland, camping, cinema visits and lots of fun family time. This week, length has been a concept that we have been learning about in Maths lessons. The challenge was set with Year 1 classes trying to make the longest Mintie wrapper – there were some crackers! History has been very interesting this past fortnight, with a focus on celebrations and commemorations. The unit has provided a platform for students to learn a lot more about Anzac Day and the history behind why it means so much to so many. Boys and girls even had an opportunity to write a postcard to our serving troops, praising them and thanking them for all that they do for our amazing country.

Year 2
Year 2 has had a great start to Term 2!

The students have been reviewing and extending their understanding of shape and number patterns where they have used their knowledge of skip counting to solve increasing and decreasing number sequences. Year 2 has particularly enjoyed the hands-on components of this topic, where they have created patterns using a variety of materials.

Our writing unit this term has been focused on recounts. The students have begun to explore various text, recalling events that occurred throughout them. We are working hard on our writing skills and in particular our writing structure.

In science, we have been exploring water through hands-on experiments. This has been lots of fun and a little messy at times! Throughout the rest of the term, we will continue to investigate where water comes from, how it is collected, transported and accessed at school, at home and in the community. We will also investigate how to use water responsibly.

During sport, we have been practising our athletics skills to prepare for our first-ever Primary Athletics carnival. We are all very excited about this event and looking forward to showing off our many talents!

Year 3

So far this year our Year 3 students have visited the wonderful world of James and the Giant Peach. Exploring all it has to offer as James and his companions sail to New York…on a giant peach, whilst having some amazing adventures on the way. During sport, we have been challenging ourselves and enjoying weekly cricket sessions with the Sydney Sixers cricket coaches. We even saw the trophy the team won as BBL 21 Champions. In History we inquired into various celebrations and festivals around the world, embracing everything they had to offer. It was a truly magical journey full of bright colours and even a festival where ‘tomatoes’ are thrown for fun!

Year 4
Year 4 have started to Rock in Term Two as we explore a unit on Geology. Students have delved deeply into the Earth’s crust discovering the layers of soil and rocks that we walk around on each day and what lies beneath. Students separated igneous rocks from sedimentary rocks as they explored chocolate chip cookies and even got to sit on the crumbs they made to create their own metamorphic rocks, using heat and pressure. Students will be blown away when we start looking at weathering next week.

Year 5
Year 5 have started the term with excitement, enthusiasm and determination. The students thoroughly enjoyed starting their first Drama lessons with Mr Youman and learnt how to show emotions through acting without sound. Year 5 are looking forward to continuing these Drama lessons with Mr Youman for the next 3 weeks. For Science and Technology, they started their Digital Technologies topic and had some great class discussions on how technology is used in many occupations and plays a major role in our lives today. In Film Studies, Year 5 learnt all about genre and learnt how to identify the genre of a movie through different film elements used. In Health, the students started their Responding Safely topic and learnt about different types of risk factors that can lead to lifestyles diseases. Year 5 were reunited this week with their Kindergarten buddies and loved teaching their buddies about a variety of different games they could play in the playground.

Year 6
What a start to the Term! Year 6 have settled in wonderfully after the holidays, delving into new units of work and welcoming new friends into classrooms. Within English, we have commenced our new novel study based on the ‘Little Brother’ novel. We are also concentrating on the study of autobiographies and biographies within our writing lessons. Students have swung into their Math Pathways programs, challenging themselves with new and interesting topics, and working in small groups and in teams while tackling weekly rich tasks.

Within History, students have begun learning about migration and its impact on the development of Australia as a nation. We plotted where we were born on a world map, and then did the same for our parents and grandparents. In Science, we have started learning about states of matter, looking closely at liquids, solids and gases. Students conducted an investigation into chocolate melting, discussing the elements of a fair test and the range of variables that needed to be considered. We are very much looking forward to this term’s events, including many academic competitions and our Term 2 sporting competitions, as well as continuing to lead assemblies and star in the Bishop Tyrrell weekly broadcast.

Mark Durie
Head of Junior School