I would like to extend a big warm welcome to all our new families in Primary School and welcome back to our existing families. I hope the holiday season was filled with fun and excitement, but I also hope there was some rest and relaxation as well. I think you would all agree that 2020 was a school year like no other but there were many positives that came from it that will make 2021 a year bigger and better than ever.

It was fantastic to see all the new kindy students start their schooling with big smiles and a sense of adventure. They have been so confident entering the school either by themselves or with one of our supportive Year 6 leaders. We have had a few tears and that is to be expected as saying goodbye to mum and dad can be hard. Overall, we have been very impressed with the way they have started and we look forward to their progress throughout the year.

Primary enrolments have increased from 460 in July 2020 to 495 for the start of the year. In part, it’s a reflection of the local population growth but at the same time, it demonstrates our reputation as an exceptional education provider that continues to grow and spread around the community. We aim to provide an engaging and vibrant academic and co-curricular program that is supported by the Anglican Ethos. Within that ethos, our focus for this year is to Make Room For Everyone where we recognise and celebrate the individual differences of staff, students and their families and continue to develop our inclusive environment.

To make all this happen we have an action-packed calendar ready to go. The usual sport, music and other cultural events will take place including the musical “Mary Poppins”. Parental attendance will be determined and communicated before each event. Our new PE teacher, Mrs Giverny Tombs, will oversee Primary House challenges for the year where there will be a variety of house challenges taking place each week to facilitate collaboration and some friendly rivalry.

Again, this year there will be a variety of different lunch clubs happening throughout the week providing an opportunity for the students to explore their own or new special interests with their friends. Chess club will operate on a Thursday with registration details with the NSW Chess Academy available in this newsletter. We will also have a Trial Chess club operating on a Tuesday for the younger students to see if they would like to join the more advanced Thursday club. For all other clubs, teachers will announce start details over the coming weeks.

Assemblies and Chapel will be held online again for the foreseeable future which is exciting for parents as they will be able to access the online stream via Caleb either live or at a later time. We try to make our assemblies fun and informative where we showcase the many talented students we have in the College. Our Year 6 leaders run the assembly and at times it can be clunky and mistakes are made but that’s all part of the fun. Next week’s assembly will be the Primary Leaders Investiture Assembly where we officially welcome our new captains and prefects into their role.

Mark Durie
Head of Junior School